Bleach for PSP thread

I just got this game now and noticed that there wasn’t anything posted about it. It’s a pretty good 3D fighter all in all. So i figured i’d post up and see if anyone had any combos or strats.

Post up fellow SRKers. I’ll update this with the stuff i’ve learned tomorrow.


Are you playing it on a american psp? How’s the game is it any good?

Yes, it works on the american PSP. I think that I have found a favorite character. This character is Rukia Kuchiki. She is a pretty fast character and she has that attack that is able to freeze the enemy. However, she does seem to be pretty basic so far.

You ever read the manga? 'Cause you should know how Rukia is if you even read just one.

yeah ok… 6 characters in total… SF2 > BLEACH.
Game consist of mashing between x and o and the ocasionally jump, or heck just take the bow guy and spam o all day long. As for versus mode balance, well i dont know about it, but its prolly crap too.
Blockon minigame is better than the actualy game jeez.

Only 6 characters?!?!? You’re joking?

Yes, only 6 characters. It is alot like the first Naruto for gamecube. Yes, SF2 pwns this game easily. For one SF2 is a classic and two it is just an overall better game.

lol i was thinking about a psp but 6 characters lmfao thanks for letting me know

it’s fun if you like to break stuff… IE. Marvel. lOL find out how many 100%'s and infinites you can do :stuck_out_tongue:


Well i meant characters wise compared to SF2:WW but oh well.
Don’t fell too bad though if you bought it, i mean you basically get arkanoid (and by having to rotate your psp to play it, you look even cooler :wow: ) and a mini Kon psp keychain! :rolleyes: :lame: