Bleach for Wii - from Sega... trailer inside

I hope they’re just exaggerating the sword swings on the trailer. I can’t imagine playing a fighting game where you’d have to swing the remote for each hit (can you imagine if you had to play killer instinct like that?). Since its from Sega, I’m assuming its from the DS team, and that game was great. I’m expecting this to be great as well…

This is what it looks like to me, judging from the trailer. When doing certain combos/specials it shows icons appear on the screen, so I think you have to swing the remote or point to those icons with the controller. Then it looks like the Bankai attacks let you freely swing the controller. That’s all speculation on my part though…

I’m not liking it…

The Wii controller is wasted on games like these, you can perform actions far more easily and quckly with a controller.

Aside from that, it just looks lame.

If they added a temporary special super mode where sword swings are used then revert to normal fighting style it could work better.

Not made by Treasure or Capcom, so expections are low (the GC Bleach game was pretty bad). Seems like it may be fun to mess around just to see how they handle the controls but that’s about it.

Oh, my bad, I forgot that treasure made the DS one, and Sega published. This could be crap then :-x

Agreed. Like last year, it’s looking like the Treasure-made DS game will be more than likely superior to the Sega-made console version.

Oh dear oh dear is this the future?!?!?


that looks real crappy. Did nintendo bring out the old school controller yet, the one with the 2 analog sticks?

Sega Activator 2? :confused:

I remember seeing another video where they weren’t using excessive gesticulations, but more discrete hand/wrist gestures.

I still cant belive nintendo haven’t learnt there lessons with with the n64 and the gamecube, making so called INNOVATIVE controllers really restricts the type of games available on your system and now with this motion crap oh dear i fear this could be the end, i most certainly will not be buying a wii if this ridiculous controller is not changed.
Before you all jump on my back with nintendo hater go to any arcade especially the large ones and just watch how many people play games with this gimmicky technology, i’ll tell you from my expireance, NOT MANY

if you think the n64 and gamecube failed or even had any real problems due to their controllers you are an idiot, hell the n64s analog stick was probably the single most important innovation of that generation

so… if this game goes to Evo all the players will be swinging their controller like that? rofl

did i say or even suggest that the n64 or gamecube failed?
both nintendo consoles failed to deliver decent fighting games, that is what i was getting at, seeing as we are in SRK and are in fighting game discussion 1+1 = 2
do you or do you not agree that both n64 and gamecube pads are restictive for fighters?

n64 sucked ass for fighting games, and the only ones i can remember is killer instinct gold and mortal kombat trilogy.

and i dont want to talk about the horrible button placement and tyny D-pad the gamecube had:annoy:

Do I actually have to run to run on screen? I better get some gatorade and under armour gear.


I can’t belive alot of you idiots think you have to be that exaggerated to play this game.