Bleach: Heat the Soul 4

So, is anyone playing this? I got it the other day; and it seems pretty nice. The last one I played was 1, and they have added soo much more to this series since then. Oh, and you should be able to play this online over X-Kai.

Official Bleach: HtS4 Website

51 Characters (10 are doubles)

  • Listed in my second post.

26 Partners (plus the 51 characters as partners)

3 Souls (Grooves):
Shinigami - Red

  • Has the medium sized Reiatsu (Super) Bar.
  • Has the largest Territory radius.
  • Can choose two partner characters to use.
  • Can hit L+R to do a partner combination.
  • Has neutral guard (guards when no buttons are pressed).
  • Hitting the triangle button, while blocking, teleports you behind the opponent (cost 1/2 Reiatsu Bar).
  • Can do more hits during a Soul Blaze (square + triangle combination attacks).

Vizard - Yellow

  • Has the small sized Reiatsu Bar.
  • Has the medium Territory radius.
  • Has lower attack strength than the other Souls (throw damage is normal).
  • Has faster movement than the other Souls.
  • Can choose one partner character to use.
  • Air dash goes faster, further, and can be moved up/down.
  • If you hit the opponent’s back; you do 3x the damage, and it knocks them into the air (not a launch).
  • Hitting the triangle button, while blocking, does an alpha counter (cost 1/2 Reiatsu Bar). This counter has auto-guard; and it staggers/knocks away/launches on hit.
  • Has a different (usually better) starting attack for a Soul Blaze.

Arrancar - Blue

  • Has the large sized Reiatsu Bar.
  • Has the smallest Territory radius.
  • Has higher defense than the other Souls (but takes 1.5x damage from throws).
  • It can not choose any partner characters.
  • Attack increases for every Reiatsu Bar in stock (throw damage stays normal).
  • Has Just Defend. It gives Reiatsu and slight frame advantage.
  • Has an attack that drains Reiatsu from the opponent. It has auto-guard, and steals up to 1/2 a Reiatsu Bar.

Other Notes:
Reiatsu Bar

  • All 3 meters gain the same amount of pixels for each hit. Meaning that Vizard gets bars ALOT quicker than Arrancar.
  • All 3 meters drain/charge at the same pace. Meaning it’s easier for Vizard to keep the few people that have super modes, in their modes. This is because the Vizard bar drains slowly to make up for it’s small size, and attacks still give the same amount of Reiatsu.
  • Transformation supers do NOT cost any Reiatsu to initiate.

Hit types

  • Counter hits occur by hitting the opponent during their attack animation. It normally adds stagger/launch/knockdown to the attack.
  • Critical hits occur by hitting the opponent during their dash (not air dash) animation. It adds extra damage to the attack. Although, dashing grazes projectiles.

Partner Usage

  • Partners are used by either hitting L or R while the partner’s corresponding meter is full.
  • Partners can either attack, give buffs to the user, de-buff the opponent, or in rare cases, partners can have some universal effect (like switching Reiatsu Bars).
  • Partners can be used during an attack to cancel the attack’s animation; allowing you to create longer, and more damaging, combos.

Territory Charge

  • Holding the square button makes the Reiatsu Bar charge up. Also, the longer it is held, the more area the Territory covers.
  • Letting go of square sends out a shockwave, in the area covered, that can hit the opponent. If it hits them, it will either stagger or juggle (if they are in the air) them.
  • Also hitting someone with the shockwave will add a good amount to your Reiatsu Bar, and Partner Meter(s). As well as resets your combo meter/scaling in a juggle.
  • Hitting the square button twice makes you dash.
  • If you are hit while holding the square button, then you will stagger.

I think that’s about all I need to put here. If you have any questions, then ask. Someone will probably know the answer.

are psps region free? and is there a site with a full characters list?

PSPs are indeed region free.

Also, to unlock the characters/partners you have to earn points, with the exception of Nell.

You unlock your last character at 65,000 points.

You unlock Nell after you complete all the missions in Mission Mode.

And (copied from GameFAQS):

1.Ichigo Kurosaki (Bankai)
2.Ichigo Kurosaki (Shinigami)
3.Ichigo Kurosaki(Sealed Sword Shinigami)
4.Rukia Kuchiki (Shinigami)
5.Rukia Kuchiki
6.Orihime Inoue
7.Orihime Inoue EX
8.Ogichi (Hollow Bankai Ichigo)
9.Yasutora Sado
10.Yasutora Sado EX
11.Uryuu Ishida (Quincy Final)
12.Uryuu Ishida
13.Uryuu Ishida EX
14.Kisuke Urahara
15.Yoruichi Shihouin
16.Shinji Hirako (Vizard)
17.Hiyori Sarugaki (Vizard)
18.Lisa Yadomaru (Vizard)
19.Kensei Muguruma (Vizard)
20.Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai
22.Byakuya Kuchiki (Bankai)
23.Byakuya Kuchiki
24.Sajin Komamura
25.Shunsui Kyoraku
26.Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bankai)
27.Toshiro Hitsugaya
28.Kenpachi Zaraki
29.Mayuri Kurotsuchi
30.Jushiro Ukitake
31.Izuru Kira
32.Momo Hinamori
33.Renji Abarai (Bankai)
34.Renji Abarai
35.Nanao Ise
36.Shuhei Hisagi
37.Rangiku Matsumoto
38.Yachiru Kusajishi
39.Nemu Kurotsuchi
40.Ikkaku Madarame
41.Yumichika Ayasegawa
42.Sosuke Aizen
43.Sosuke Aizen EX
44.Gin Ichimaru
45.Gin Ichimaru EX
46.Kaname Tosen
47.Ulquiorra Schiffer (Arrancar)
48.Yammy (Arrancar)
49.Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (Arrancar)
50.Luppi (Arrancar)
51.Nell Tu (Arrancar)

Only the Ex’s, Quincy Final, and Hollow fight kinda like other characters. The Bankai forms are completely different than the normal characters.

Also, almost every character has two special outfits/colors. You get the outfits (as well as the extra stages and almost everything in the Appendix) by leveling up characters in Character Master mode. Each character’s SP1 is earned at level 14, and each SP2 is acquired at level 20.

The characters without special outfits/colors are:

  • Kurosaki Ichigo (Bankai)
  • Kurosaki Ichigo (Sealed Sword Shinigami)
  • Kurosaki Ichigo (Hollow)
  • Inoue Orihime EX
  • Sado Yasutora EX
  • Uryuu Ishida (Quincy Final)
  • Uryuu Ishida EX
  • Kuchiki Byakuya(Bankai)
  • Hitsugaya Toshiro(Bankai)
  • Abarai Renji(Bankai)
  • Aizen Sosuke EX
  • Ichimaru Gin EX
  • Ulquiorra Schiffer

Ishida was tops in the very first game. Since then, I stopped playing. Rukia had a semi-infinite…somewhat. Haven’t played it in forever.

Well, the base part of the game works the same as the first one. But due to the additions of Souls (grooves) and Partners (assists?) the game is more in-depth, and played differently.

I don’t believe there are any infinites in this game, but there are probably some 100% combos. They’d probably have to be done using two partners and some supers, though.

I love this game I got S rank on all Missions. And I have all characters. I still need to work on getting one missing BG and I am missing alot of movies.

Hey! I just got this today. Glad someone is at all interested in this…

Two people dash in on each other(i think), and the screen slows down into some red…or yellow color, I forgot, what is this, how does it work?

How does territory charge work? It instantly stuns people? How do you get around it if attacked by it? I can’t block it?

What does a soul blaze do?

Is there a difference between pressing square square instead of forward forward? (other than square square brings you closer)

When two people dash into each other it does a clash. It works just like in other games…mash it out. If you do more, then it knocks the opponent across the screen. If it’s the same, then both people slide backwards.

Territory charge~release is un-blockable and it staggers (bounces in the air). But you can attack through it, and everyone is immune to it after wake-up…so you can’t oki with it.

Soul Blaze works like this. Hit Square+Triangle. Your character then does an attack. If it hits (against a standing opponent), then the screen goes matrix and you can hit buttons. It then does the buttons you pressed (with a limit to the amount) as a combo, with that character’s specific Soul Blaze finisher.

The difference is that Square, Square takes you the length of the screen; while forward, forward takes you as far as you hold the button.

PS. I edited the first post with more information about the Souls last night. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten everything about them now. Maybe missing just a few things. I also updated my second post with information about the Special Outfits.

Hate to double post, but someone put up a “combo” video on youtube.


It’s an…ok-ish display of what you can do in the game, with the exception of alot of those combos can be air/ground-recovered out of. Here’s a list of where the combos are first escape-able:

  1. After the fireworks.
  2. Before the last, big, lightning bolt.
  3. After the third sword slash (the one that knocks them away).
  4. After the third sword slash (the one that knocks them away).
  7. After the third kick (the one that launches).
  9. When the sword slash whiffs. On this one, if you time it better, then you can hit with the full X,X,O,O,O,O combo, but they still can recover before the super. If you want this one to be NO ESCAPE, then you do the super right after the binding spell combo (with the binding spell done as late as possible.*

Also, you can get 100% actual combos using the Luppi partner. Only thing is that it takes about 5x longer to build up then any other partner…so not really worth using.

Here’s an example of an easy 100% with Kenpachi using the Luppi partner (it’s only 100% on some of the lower defense characters, but just proving that 100% exist):

Circle, Circle, Circle~Luppi xx Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle xx Square+Cross

LOL, I got Evil Zone flashbacks from this. I’ll see about checking this out.

Some sweet combos. In my opinion this game is the most technical fighter based on an anime in recent time. DBZ & Naruto games were button mashers. Glad to see the bleach game turned out good. Too bad naruto didn’t turn out good.

yeah i just orderd this i cant wait to play Hiyori

This game actually doesn’t have much depth.

There’s a shitload of characters, and very few different moves you can do. You just hold a direction u/l/d/r or neutral, and then press either X or O to do an attack. The game then gives you an automatic string. It makes characters easy to pick up in this game, you just spend 2 mins figuring out what their different X’s or O’s do. There’s really only 10 moves and then one or two supers you have for each character. The game gives all the characters too much speed too, so the different attacks end up not making much of a difference, except when you’re really far away or very close up.

All there is is ten different attacks, and then a territory charge that acts kind of like a big grab, and then there’s a triangle escape when you’re blocking. So it’s like three different things you can do. You could argue that ST doesn’t look very complicated at first but actually has a lot of depth, but the case isn’t the same for Bleach, where all the attacks have very little variation from each other.

There’s a cool groove system. There’s a nice combo system that’s fun to play around with though, what with all the partners you could use to make a long string, but I think this game needs to make slower movements, highs and lows, maybe mids, and basically turn into CVS2.

There isn’t a shit-ton of depth; not like VF depth (since it is 3D; might as well compare it to 3D). But there is still some. Most (read:EVERY) character has more than 10 canned strings; at least that I’ve seen. Most hang around 15 strings, a move that doesn’t have a string, and a throw. Some have more than 20 strings.

My biggest gripe is the lack of highs and lows. If you block…you block everything but grabs, territory releases, and attacks that hit behind you. Which, in my opinion makes the game VERY defensive; especially once someone gets meter. At that point it becomes “I’ll block till I can definitely get a hit/combo from a counter/shunpo (teleport).”

As far as attack speed goes, not everyone is fast. There are quite a few fast people (most of the cast), but not everyone. Most characters that are slow have some auto-guard during their Circle attacks. And this is really as much as I can break down the reason for choosing different attacks:

Cross (x) attacks are normally the fastest attacks. They don’t have as much range as Circle attacks, and they do alot less damage (as well as more damage reduction in a combo); but since moves can clash (via Arcana Heart) Cross strings will beat out Circle strings.

Circle attacks do more damage and have more range. They 'cause less damage reduction in combos. Sometimes they are teleports, projectiles or counters. You can out poke someone using Cross attacks if you have enough distance.

Other than that; the only reason you would use an attack is because it has a good hit-box or moves your body out of the way. So attacks in this game are kind of standard; but just simplified.

Ok…another double post. Seems like no one is interested in this game…


So, here’s another combo video. Same maker as the last one, but this one is ACTUAL COMBOS. As in, once the first hit hits…you can’t escape it. I know they all work, as I tested them myself.

Things to note:

  • The Ichigo (bankai) combo shouldn’t reset the hit-counter, the creator just didn’t press the buttons fast enough. It really is a combo.
  • The Shinji combo… They can flip after the first sword [Byakuya (bankai) partner], but all the following swords are unblockable…so it’s best not to flip or you take MASSIVE damage from the swords.
  • The Ikkaku combo shouldn’t reset the hit-counter, the creator just didn’t press the buttons fast enough. It really is a combo too.
  • Also, the creator uses the Ishin partner alot. He gives a random attack boost; either really high or low. That’s why some of the combos did so much damage. But the creator also has the damage level on 1 (low damage); the default is 3 out of 5.

EDIT: Updated the first post with a little bit more info about the Souls.