Bleach movie might be in the works

Yeah, I am sure I can do without Dragon Ball evolution, with swords. Where the fuck is my Battle Angel movie Cameron? Show these ASSHOLES how it’s supposed to be done.

bleach?! really? thats kinda random. bunch of white kids in hakama’s trying to swing swords.

the destruction of bleach…just as aizen planned.

You’re trapped into Aizen’s illusion man.

Aizen is trolling the 4th wall son…

Bleach is already messed up as it is. They want to mess it up even further?

IF they casted Richard Simmons as Aizen, he would still be less gay than the actual comic portrayal. Speaking of Simmons, Nick should play one of the bad guys.

I would rather have a new power ranger movie, starring Donnie Yen

lol…wait, I mean vomits

The thing with Battle Angel is that it’s one of the two “trilogy series” that Cameron is going to produce/direct. It was either that or Avatar so it’s going to come out later since Avatar came out first.


The first part of bleach I could see being done as a decent movie quite easily. Hollywood will fuck it up in some fashion though. Getsuga Tensho will heal people on impact and instead of wearing black everyone’s suits will be changed to yellow…JUST BECAUSE.

Most likely the movie will be a failure, why must they do this?

Because people pay money to watch shitty movies.

Because Hollywood is just as hollow…

Hopefully you show up at the theatre and wait in line for half an hour and then when you walk through the door someone throws bleach in your eyes

critics are calling it “the last movie you’ll ever see” (see that shine? the left one is glass)

I see what you did there…

lol :rofl:
i laughed

Heard about this last week and this news still perplexes me. Because Tite Kubo specifically said that there will never be a live action Bleach movie, from Japan or anywhere else. This was reprinted in a volume of Shonen Jump USA for anyone to see.

That’s kind of foul for Shuiesha (owners of Shonen Jump, Bleach, DBZ, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin etc.) to go against the author’s wishes like that for $$$$ when they probably swim in a river of cash already.

I wonder who will play Aizen…

Either Justin Wong or Daigo because they are TOO BROKEN! First we need some pictures of them sitting down and drinking a cup of tea before we can decide.

Ricky Martin