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Good times, good times!!!

Bleach Thread v3.0 for 3.0 thread.

Bleach is only good for the tits. Case in point, the best episode of the series right here.



It’s strange and probably a bit depressing that I actually had a dream about the Bleach manga about 2 nights ago. In the dream, I was reading up just a few chapters into the future. Out of nowhere, Aizen used a hollow transformation just to start fighting Shunsui 1 on 1…he transformed just for fun and to show off, I guess. The hollow form was bizarre and disappointing…some octopus type creature which claws like a crab…something I’d expect that chump Luppi to transform into. Yeah, this was a wasted dream. It’s almost as bad as that one time I had a dream…about going to work. Yeah…nothing out of the ordinary. I actually had a dream that was “just another day on the job.”. Terrible.

*That would be wild though if Gin is revealed to be the actual “big boss” since Aizen is fighting before him. I really doubt it though. I’d agree that he’s just waiting for the prime opportunity to strike when Aizen is least expecting it though(*which is quite the challenge…he’s smart enough to always be expecting it…and chances are…he already had plans on how to take out any of his crew when/if they decided to turn on him.).

We need some sort of interesting aizen relate title for the new thread.

I’m rolling with The Usual Aizens/Kaizer Sousuke for now due to last chapter wtfness

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bleach on hiatus for only one week?

Is it possible that Aizen is super trolling? He asked Shinji since when did you assume I wasn’t using Kyoka Suigetsu. So does that mean that everything that has happened since Aizen showed up in Fake Kakura Town could possibly be Aizen super trolling the whole SS crew?

Yes that was brought up in the previous thread. Anyone there not named Ichigo is taking a huge risk when attacking because of the said shenanigans. Maybe Yamamoto is the smart one by not doing anything thus far.

Such is the problem when you have illusionary powers in play. As Doctor mentioned in the previous thread, much of the fun can be taken out by using the illusion cop-out. See also: the crazy eyes in Naruto

Aizen and Ichigo are the same person. :looney:


Here’s hoping this one week hiatus means that the next chapter has twice as much content!

/wishful thinking.

I think that Gin is really the higher boss or is waiting to take out aizen when he gets a chance like Million said. What do you think will happen after Aizen and Gin are gone? You guys think it will be over right after that? I mean how else can they get stronger? A new sword release SAN-KAI! (San = 3 for those that dont know)

so ich-kai would be the regular form
nee-kai would be its released form
san-kai is actually bankai
chi-kai is the new release… yeah I don’t think so.

also I know I probably spelled 1, 2 and 4 wrong in japanese…

4neqs: Where Kubo will get new arrancar ideas
NeoChaos: lol

I called Bankai 2 in the last thread. Either Ichigo achieves it, or Zangetsu pops up and is like “Oh, this black dress thing? That’s your shikai. I didn’t tell you?”

Shounen manga convention - when the ultimate power-up just isn’t good enough, add another level to it.

Had to fix it for you, my man. :smokin: Though as far as I’m concerned SSJ3 is the pinnacle, none of that non canon bullshit SSJ4 furry shit.

That’s Kubo’s get out of jail free card. Now, if judging by all this shit…and how Aizen can easily use Kyoka Suigetsu, Ichigo’s ass would of been hemmed up by now. I quit trying to make sense of Bleach and Naruto.

I want to see Hitsu get a powerup, just for him to get Aizen-stomped again. And maybe even revive Hinamori and make Hitsu stab her again.

This takes Bleach silliness to a new level. One thing I’ve grown to hate about this series, amongst other things is that when someone is off screen/not in the panel it’s like they aren’t even there.

Also, why did the captains even bother attacking Aizen? That nigga can’t be touched and they knew that but they went on anyway. They should have just set up in Ichigo’s corner with some water and a spit bucket with their naive asses.