Bleach Wii

I’m a big Bleach, however I was wondering if anyone imported it and knows how it plays.

I know it probably won’t be good because it’s a licensed game that isn’t made by Capcom, but I’m willing to try anything.

So anyone excited about this or knows how it plays?


I’ve read about it and it seems like a typical 3D anime fighting game. However, I play Bleach DS 2 a lot and I highly recommend that.

The 1st ones coming out for the States. :slight_smile:

Bleach Wii is terrible. 'Nother Anime license that got too involved with a gimmick than actually making a fighting that works.

So it sucks. :sad:


But yeah, the two on DS are excellent. I dunno about this, I’d give it a shot I guess if a friend had it.

I mist a game didn’t’ I? :sad:

If Bleach Wii is made by the same group that made Bleach GC then I expect it to be a steaming pile of shit. Can’t believe I imported that game.

hugs Bleach DS 2

Okay I get it I’ll get Bleach DS :slight_smile:

Anyone found out if this sucks or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

It sucks, don’t worry.

What about Bleach:Heat the soul 4 for PSP?

Yadda yadda, psp sucks DS rules whatever get over it.


They got a 4 now? Jeez, didn’t the PSP come out less than three years ago?

Bleach 1 for DS is set to be released in the US like in two days 10/11/07 i think,
might as well import part 2