BLEEDING EDGE - SSF4 Claw Combo Vid!



Thanks to every Vega player who holds the mask & claw up high!
All combos were performed completely by hand on a Madcatz Round 2 Xbox Fightpad, without the use of turbo or any other game-aiding tools at any time.

I concentrated on comparing as many options for openings, damage, and stun as possible (with a healthy dash of beauty, of course). Even with 10 minutes, not everything I wanted to show was able to make the cut. Still, I think you will enjoy some of the unique situations and extremes that will be shown.

Writing out video annotations for [media=youtube]t2IyoGdvnrs"[/media] is going to be a project in itself, so here is a breakdown of everything in the video (from my personal notes - may have errors):

the numbers shown are damage/stun

[edited Jan 2013 to underline some simple combos a friend of mine should work on]

153/224 cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf
161/224 cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf
161/281 cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp
188/246 cr.lp lp-rcf
188/260 cr.lp cr.lp hk-st
193/264 cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf (crouch)
210/315 cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp ex-st
217/325 cr.lp cr.lp lk-st ex-st
241/301 cr.lp cr.lp ex-fba izuna
260/350 cr.lp cr.lp ex-fba 1claw ex-st (2 cr.lp’s is best)

168/260 cr.hp
251/305 cr.lp ex-fba izuna
270/350 cr.lp ex-fba 1claw ex-st

180/300 (cr.hp also works but is harder - same damage)
198/310 cr.hp
285/345 ex-fba izuna
281/355 cr.lp ex-fba izuna
309/400 ex-fba 1claw ex-st

210/300 cl.hp cr.hp
315/345 cl.hp ex-fba izuna
339/400 cl.hp ex-fba 1claw ex-st

200/300 far.hp
250/270 fba izuna (cant juggle ex-st)
260/350 ex-st
248/320 ex-st
268/370 lk-st ex-st
440/100 u2

260/304 fa3 airgrab
273/364 fa3 lp-rcf
289/385 fa3 lp-rcf2 ex-st
299/366 fa3 cl.hp hp.rcf
297/420 fa3 cl.hp cr.hp
316/420 fa3 hk-st
330/455 fa3 ex-st
340/475 fa3
344/460 fa3 fdc cr.lp ex-fba izuna (350/455 without cr.lp)
374/455 fa3 fdc cl.hp ex-fba izuna
388/490 fa3 fdc cl.hp ex-fba 1claw ex-st
455/200 fa3 u2
455/200 fa3 u1 no pop
476/200 fa3 u1 with pop

200/400 j.hp j.hp
258/396 j.hp lp-rcf
258/410 cr.lp hk-st (crouch)
274/450 cr.lp ex-st (crouch)
260/400 hk-st (max range stand)
286/394 cl.hp hp-rcf
288/460 j.hp cl.hp cr.hp
288/470 lk-st ex-st
290/428 j.hp mp-rcf (is +4/+34 compared to cl.hp xx hp-rcf)
298/460 j.hp hk-st
298/460 hk-st (crouch)
308/460 j.hp hk-st
307/475 st.hp lk-st ex-st (crouch)
314/500 j.hp ex-st
318/465 cr.lp ex-fba izuna
325/445 ex-fba izuna
324/500 nj.hp ex-st
327/525 lk-st ex-st (does not work on crouched)
331/405 ex-fba izuna (far)
342/410 j.hp cr.lp hk-st super
348/515 j.hp cr.lp ex-fba izuna
351/505 ex-fba izuna
382/460 hk-st super
381/505 j.hp cl.hp ex-fba izuna
400/550 cl.hp ex-fba 1claw ex-st
460/200 j.hp u2
484/200 u1

120/200 hk-st hk-st
160/250 lk-st hk-st
160/250 lk-st ex-shc
180/250 ex-st ex-st
210/300 lk-st ex-st
268/370 lk-st ex-st
336/300 hk-st super
440/100 u2 TAKEN OUT

178/225 (works as a meaty)
198/325 cr.hp
236/318 cr.lp ex-fba izuna (works meaty)
256/328 cr.lp ex-fba izuna (works meaty)
306/390 cr.lp ex-fba izuna
328/370 ch.lp-rcf2 ex-fba izuna (works meaty)
339/430 ex-fba izuna
343/425 ch.lp-rcf2 fabdc cr.lp ex-fba claw ex-st (corner)
173/263 fadc TAKEN OUT (sooooo useless)
448/125 u2 (works meaty)
465/245 ch.lp-rcf2 fa2 u1

140/163 +7
158/225 +4
173/263 +8
183/263 +8 far.hp
196/259 +6 lp-rcf
223/325 +5 cr.hp
243/328 +5 cr.lp ex-fba izuna
473/125 +8 u2

FADC FOLLOWUPS (number shows j.hp cl.hp hp-rcf starter)
322/454 fa1
405/559 cr.lp cr.lp hk-st
415/585 cr.lp cr.lp ex-st
419/??? mp-rcf fadc cr.lp ex-st
419/594 cr.lp cr.lp lk-st ex-st
434/574 cr.lp ex-fba izuna
443/599 cr.lp ex-fba 1claw ex-st
447/633 (mp-rcf) cr.lp ex-fba 1claw ex-st (crouch)

415/577 j.hp cl.hp hp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp hk-st
441/638 mp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf
441/652 mp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf
440/647 j.hp mp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp

160/250 fba dash
170/250 fba dash far.hp
170/250 fba ex-shc (only if cornered)
160/250 fba hk-shc (only if cornered - harder) TAKEN OUT
158/230 fba hk-st hk-st (corner only?)
198/270 fba hk-st ex-st (corner only?)
208/270 fba ex-st ex-st
218/270 fba ch ex-st (one hit)
220/220 fba fba izuna
410/50 fba u1 (if you pop you cant juggle)
410/50 fba u2

210/200 lk-st trade, ex-st TAKEN OUT (no unique juggles)

Ryu max dam?
629 (counterhit on, mask on, claw off and behind ryu)
prep with j.hp hk-st, mask off claw on
j.hp cl.hp ex-fba izuna (dizzy)
j.hp u1

same thing vs vega: 700 (prep with non-ch 6 cr.lks) TAKEN OUT

381/505 crossup j.hp cr.lp ex-fba
321/485 j.hp ex-st
337/525 j.hp lk-st ex-st
340/470 jb.hp ex-fba izuna
320/470 cr.lp ex-fba izuna
359/545 j.hp cr.lp ex-fba claw ex-st
433/623 mp-rcf cr.lp hk-st TAKEN OUT
443/648 j.h mp-rcf cr.lp ex-st TAKEN OUT

389/545 j.hp cl.hp cr.lp ex-fba claw ex-st

367/??? mp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp ex-fba 2claw

438/608 mp-rcf cr.lp ex-fba izuna (goes behind in corner)

447/646 j.hp mp-rcf cr.lp cr.lp lp-rcf cr.lp hk-st
462/460 nj.hp ch hk-st super3 (538/510 no mask and counterhit)
447/658 mp-rcf cr.lp lk-st ex-st (regular)
524/708 j.hp mp-rcf cr.lp lk-st ex-st (counterhit, no mask)

MAXIMUM HITS w/o fa3 trade? (THAWK) setup, hk-st
j.hp, cl.hp xx hp-rcf xx fadc, cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp cr.lp xx hk-st
follow up after dizzy meter build lk-st lk-st lk-fba lk-st, cl.hp xx hp-rcf xx fadc cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp xx ex-fba, 2claw

Vega Basics, Set-ups, and Tactics (with Hitbox!)

That was some awesome stuff man. Good job! Those FADC combos were so nice…


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. avatar :u: on a troll spreed
GREAT COMBO VIDEO i did not know some of the combo were possible time to style on peeps.


Daamn… I can’t imagine the patience it took for this, those combo’s were sick! Some1s been thinking outside the box, GFJ man!


That video was godlike. Makes me want to practice my execution ten times harder now.


…Dayum… so much stuff I’ve never even seen or thought of
great video


Hate to be repetitive, but those FADC combos are really pretty. Super in the corner was awesome too.


Fuckin slick bro nice job!


Vega’s counter hit links makes me cum.



That one towards the end against Gief… GDLK. remarkable brother just remarkable!


Don’t care what anyone says. Nominated for article because it’s an awesome video and if people can get away with showing “Omfg lol bursts!” videos of Hazama, then something from this side of the games should be up too.


Holy crap, dude. That lost combo blew my mind, building meter like that. A friggin +. Going to be studying this one for a while!


man some of those combos must have been insanely difficult to pull, gratz dude.

besides it is very well organised and very clearly documented, it is a very usefull reference I think.

anyway I was thinking after a you get +10 (same for, as for it is +20 for a link and +27 for a cancel, dunno what to do with all that it is just enough for a fafdc + 4 framer, is it enough for super… granted it is less intresting than the +30 you get from the more damaging you used in your combo.

both are practical though as starters on wakeup.


Sorry for newb question but:

How did you DF + HK into U2 without it hitting in the air?


Thanks for the support!! Very cool it made the SRK homepage <3

It’s very spacing-dependent: you have to hit at the very tip and you have to be able to do some extreme charge buffering. Start holding downback instantly after starting the cosmic heel (if you accidentally get a slide, you are close but a bit too fast). Then, you have very little time to input the ultra completely - but there is a tiny bit of leeway. At the moment I can only get it 1 out of 4 or 5 tries honestly.


Good stuff man. this is serious inspiration right here lol :stuck_out_tongue:




good shit meteo, this is good for future reference!


Bro you hold the crown right now from every Vega vid I’ve seen. I can’t get over how bananas these combos are.


The editing of the counterhits at the beginning of Mombasa was too sick, great video