Blinking Macro


Hi, I’m new here so I hope I’m posting this in the right place…

I searched around a bit, and blinking (plinking with the back button) seems to be fully accepted.

I’m playing on a pc with a cheap keyboard, and my main character is Ibuki. She has a few very useful 1f links with lp, that would be much easier to execute when blinked. The thing is: at the moment I can’t think of any situation where I wouldn’t want to blink the lp button (I’m still pretty new, so I’m probably missing something, but still). So every time that I hit the lp button, hitting the back button 1 frame later is a good idea, or at least can’t hurt.

In that case, getting RSI from awkwardly hitting the back button with my thumb or pinky 4123 times per day just seems a bit pointless. Would it be considered cheating to set up a macro that does the blinking (so I press LP, 1 frame later a program presses back)? In other types of games I always had a strong dislike for people who automated stuff, so I’m wondering what the general consensus in this community is.


I’m almost positive anyone you play isn’t going to like that. People are already iffy about rewiring sticks but having a program do the work for you? That seems like a very clear line.


Of course it’s considered cheating, for the same reasons that turbos aren’t allowed at tournaments. You might as well pick Ken and build a macro that automatically uppercuts whenever an opponent attacks you within sweep range.

But it’s online, who gives a shit. Do what you want.


Well even if it’s not the most “serious” way of playing, it still feels better to win (or lose) by the ‘rules’.

Didn’t know that turbos were banned at tournaments. I guess that answers the question =) Thanks.


Why not just use an “Auto-Win” button~! I blame Batman Arkham series auto-combat… snoooze