Blinking xbox button on round 1 te when plugged into pc


i have a round 1 te for the 360 that i’ve been using on my pc to play sf4, and has been working perfectly since i bought it (about two years ago), but for no apparent reason has stopping functioning altogether as of yesterday. the xbox button constantly blinks on and off, but i can’t remember if it wasn’t always like that, even when it was functioning (if someone could confirm this that would be great). the controller pops up in control panel/devices and printers as “street fighter iv fightstick te”, but not in a program like xpadder. under its properties, the device status field reads, “this device cannot start. (code 10)”. uninstalling the driver and replugging the te into a usb slot ends up with windows failing to install the device driver. i’ve tried to install the 360 controller drivers from microsoft’s website as well. had no effect as far as i can tell.

i’m at a loss for what to do, so any help in the right direction would be appreciated. been dying to level up my ryu. if this stick is repairable and anyone wants to get some endless lobby going, i’m cosmosgenesis on xbl.


Unplug your other USB devices before you plug it in. This happens to me sometimes. Also try different USB Ports.

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You could have warped your usb wire from repeated cord wrapping around your stick.

If you maneuver the USB wire around where the cord leaves the stick, would you get a more solid connection?


plugging in an extra usb device before plugging in my te was the magic fix. thanks for replying you two