Hate to make a new thread here Ibuki section, especially when it relates to a specific Arcade Stick, but since blinking/slinking is used by Ibuki players a lot I thought it might be the best place to ask. I’ve racked my brain and the internet but can’t seem to find the answer to my issue.

I have a Hori Soul Calibur V stick and as I would love rewiring my PPP or LP buttons to select, I’m not exactly sure how this is done and I can’t find a guide for the life of me? Does it require soldering? I’ve opened up the stick but I’m not really sure what I need to do to rewire it. I love Ibuki so far (new to using an arcade stick, though) but I feel like rewiring it would definitely help.

Thanks in advance and sorry again.

It’s done just how you would expect it. You take the wires going to the PPP button and the wires going to the Select button and then just swap them. No soldering required.

This is assuming your stick uses wires for its buttons, specifically the Select button. Afaik the only non-rewire-able stick is the Qanba because the Start/Select/etc. buttons are hardwired to a pcb.

You simply find a way to remove the select button’s wiring from the button, and attach it to the button you wish to use. Mostly this just involves disconnecting the connector and moving the wire, but sometimes (depending on the design of the stick), you might have to de-solder and solder the wires.

Thanks for the replies, guys, as well as all the Ibuki info found here, it’s been immensely helpful starting up with the game and with Ibuki.

As for my issue I had forgotten some of the options my stick comes with. By default Select is hardwired to a pcb, however I later remembered after checking my manual that I DO have a switch in the control panel of it to swap Select and Start buttons (I assume to avoid DQs at tournaments for hitting start, even though the button is both recessed and hidden with a sliding cover), so I’m pretty sure I can swap the button’s function to Select, then change that buttons leads with PPP rather than having to de-solder the true Select button from the pcb.

Hey real quick Mingo… Is blinking tournament legal?

Blinking is tourney legal.

thank you my good sir… now to open my stick and do so.

Why is this called blinking? (I use a FightPad myself, but just wondering :P)

Because you “plink” (priority link) with the Back/Select button. Hence b-link, or blink.

what does this accomplish? Ive never heard of anyone wanting to priority link with the back button…

It allows you to plink things you normally would not be able to, such as jabs, shorts, 3P/3K buttons, special moves, etc.

The second benefit is that you don’t have to worry about messing up and getting the lesser priority button. For example, if you plink HP~MP, if you mess up you might get MP. If you blink with Select, you get nothing.

Why isn’t it called slink? (since you use the select button). I’ve never heard of ANYONE who calls the select button the “back” button except when they’re talking about blinking. Slinking sounds much cooler.

Out of curiosity, what do you call it when you plink multiple buttons? Like plinking HP+MP, along with MP+HP? Like a well-timed piano input. Multiple plink? Mink? Pmink?

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it was discovered on 360 (by Alioune). And on there, the select button is called Back.

As for the multiple plink, I think they call it a double plink. ie: Ryu’s sps , cr. HP~MP + MP~LP. And then a triple plink by adding on LP~LK, and etc.

Wtf is HP+MP along with MP+HP? Double tap?

Makes sense. Well it’s hard to notate, but basically you press HP, MP, LP, in that order, to do multiple plinks. So thus you’re trying to do the HP plink, along with the MP link, and if you fuck those up, you should be getting some sort of punch button that should work.

It’s what every Ryu player should be doing after a dash punch to connect the follow-up attack. Ideally you want cr.fierce for max damage, but in case you fuck up that 1-framer, you’ve got a choice of MP or LP as a Plan B, all of which connect into SRK, assuming you want to do an FADC combo.

Fei can also do the same thing after a chicken wing on connect. I believe all 3 of his stand punches can connect into his rekkas.

I play on PC and I can map no-function to the ppp key and I can s-link/b-link off of that…However by the way people use select/back, is it impossible to do so on consoles?because I went one day to a ssf4 gathering and I couldn’t set up my way of doing it.
That would suck I cant expect to link properly at tournaments…and I was excited about CEC…

You have to hard wire the select button to the ppp button. some sticks are harder to do than others, some are very straight forward.

Ok i see thanks

I use the ppp button for lp blinking. But I wonder should I press it like a plink or at same time? (I plink with one button a tiny bit b4 the other one)

some what of a backwords plink since the button you have to hit afterwords is the back button, which is on the right side. compared to most plinks where the second button you are supposed to hit is on the left side.

I have my stick wired with a “bridge” from positive side of Jab to positive side of back. This way I only need to change the button config on the game itself so I use the last 6 buttons on the stick. This makes the stick fully functional if you play normal or my way. I have find blinking very usefull for Gief you can do SPD then LP Green hand the first possible moment.