Blissbox 4play kickstarter for new controller types

The Blissbox 4Play is a device that allows you to connect old video game controllers to modern devices via USB. It can accept 4 controllers at once and does so using patch cables that adapt your existing controller to the 4Play.

It doesn’t require you to install any drivers on your machine, works with rumble, Dreamcast VMU, microphone input, you name it. It’s both the best and most cost effective device I’ve found for these tasks.

Recently they put up a kickstarter to produce a new set of cables that includes more obscure connections than their original set.

I’d encourage anyone looking for a great emulator controller solution to research it themselves and back their kickstarter if it’s something that you’re interested in

I hope the KS camping is successful this time around, I think this is the 3rd attempt to crowd source the Blissbox.

darksakul. This campaign isn’t for the 4play, the 4play has already been in production and being sold to customers for about a year now.

this kickstarter is for new controller cables for the 4play device. I already have a 4play and love it. If you want 1 you don’t have to participate in the kickstarter, just go to his webpage

the basic kit is $120 USD and comes with

1x 4-play Hub
1x USB Cable
2x Nintendo Entertainment System Cable
2x Super Nintendo Entertainment System Cable
2x Nintendo 64 Cable
4x Nintendo GameCube Cable
2x Retro DB9 (Atari/Sega) Cable
2x Sega Dreamcast Cable
2x Sega Saturn Cable
2x Sony PlayStation/PlayStation 2 Cable

Native PC SFV support and/or PS4 support and/or PS3 legacy mode support on PS4, then I’m in.

Does not change the fact that Bliss-Box’s last 2 KS fundraisers were unsuccessful.

@Darksakul, I guess my point is, the 4play is available for sale, so if you’re concerned that they won’t deliver, they already have.

I’m currently using a generic usb ps2 pad that has noticeable lag, would plugging my pad directly into the hdmi port using the blissbox make any difference?