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Why does game journalism suck?: Angry Joe FTW!



I guess this is what’s left of their ‘titan’ project.


Cinematic trailer:


This game looks amazing. That hammer dude tho.


I’m in line to play it now




Very fast paced, I played hammer guy, double gun guy, and transformer turret. I want to play more!


Also it didn’t really channel tf2, more so Monday night combat


It looked so awesome to play. Oh man, I’m so excited to play this. Medic class 4 lyfe.


Is this really what we need more of though? Pardon me for finding it difficult to get overly enthused about a team based moba style fps futuristic cartoony mishmash. :confused:

Why is Blizzard trying to be the Pixar of games.


Hammer dude looks amazing. Same with the robot. I want this T_T


…Really? Why do we really need more of any games? I have no problem with have similar games if it takes different things from stuff I like and mash it into one game. Why can’t companies just make fun games and people enjoy it? Blizzard hasn’t made a “new” IP in years. I for one welcome a new sorta of TF2-esque/MNC game. They’re fun co-op game.


Holy shit I’ve never heard of this game before, but that OP trailer was incredible could be one of the best FPS’s ever, that is exactly what I’ve always wanted in an FPS classic fast paced gun play mixed with crazy whacky powers!

I think we can all agree that trailer made Reinhardt look wayyy more powerful than anyone else dude straight up channeled juggernaut tanking and killing everyone with ease makign everyone else’s abilities look weak in comparison.

Reaper dude and Buddha dude look fun.


Yeah, I’ll definitely will be playing Mercy and Symmetra. Maybe Tracer, but, I tend to always play Support classes.


It looks fun and I’m liking the extra mobility. Fuck F2P though…


Classic blizz doing their job.

Never hear of game, people look at the trailers for their games and all of a sudden start throwing money at them. Blizz forever top tier at making trailers/cinematics


Being the Pixar of games is pretttttttty good thing.


Also cartoony visuals has always been Blizzard’s thing, this is them playing to their strengths.


Cartoony but not Pixar cartoony. I really hate their recent look. WC, WC2, WC3, Lost Vikings etc were all cartoony but they were like comic book cartoony, not Pixar Toy Story Kung Fu Panda Shrek cartoony. I dunno I just don’t like it.