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I’ve got a feeling these Orissa buffs will lead to more death balls. Orissa plus Rein, Lucio plus Mercy and consistent damage like Soldier and maybe a Pharah/McCree flex.

Hold shields, spam fire through choke points and just methodically grind them off the point.


This is absolutely true. With Lucio you have to be in a position where you can run around between people that are getting attacked and people that are pushing, which requires to know how to wall ride to move faster and to climb to high ground. Since you have great mobility you’ll also likely be the one who scouts for the enemy team and tell your team what to do.
With Mercy… well, you just need to have people in your LoS and press shift.
I don’t care about how much skill she takes in the end, but the fact is that her kit doesn’t make you develop any transferable skill or any game sense other than “don’t die and hide when you need to rez”, which is why Mercy mains are often so terrible even if they end up climbing.

The sad thing is that on lower elos without Mercy I’m 90% guaranteed of not getting any heals as Pharah, because 1. Zens either don’t look at me or refuse to put an orb on me 2. Anas are too busy healing tanks or missing me 3. Lucios are sitting on the ground where their aura won’t reach me (thanks Jeff). So I’m stuck with whatever wacky Mercy player I get.


The same way that pharah keep junkrat in check of ever being entirely relevant, doomfist gets equal treatment. I mean, he can’t do fucking ANYTHING against her. Just on that merit alone I really don’t see him being terribly successful. I feel like they took genji and reaper and attempted to find a happy middle and doomfist is what they came up with, but that he doesn’t quite fullfill the role as good as either.


Tbh a big problem with OW right now is how few heroes there are to fill essential roles for every team:

  • Ranged hitscan DPS/Pharah check: Soldier, McCree, Widowmaker, (Bastion?)
  • Main tank: Reinhardt, Winston, (maybe Orisa now?)
  • Healer: Mercy, Ana, Lucio, Zenyatta


What were they thinking with doomfist
4 second cooldown
what the fuck is this shit


I told you guys. Monkeys paw. They got rid of the Roadhog you guys hated oh so much, then replaced him with another one shot mechanic character who has even faster cool down + better mobility. I absolutely love that they put doomfist in the game right after giving the scrubs what they wanted.


He doesn’t even have the weakness Hog has of being a walking ult machine.


He has the weakness that Hog doesn’t have of being a kamikaze. He has one of the lowest KDRs in the game, beaten only by Rein and supports. Which makes sense when you consider his kit.


I don’t like doomfist.

This is what I felt when they introduced Guile and Balrog to SFV , way before season 2 began. I was head of the curve and quit way back then.


And as a DPS with the lowest KD, I guarantee they’ll buff him at some point. The ride never ends.


They can buff him all they want, but chances are Pharah is still going to fuck him up.


There really isn’t anything wrong with Doomfist. He’s a nice hit and run powerhouse. He tries to charge punch somebody, then tries to use his abilities to escape. He wants to charge around all day? Play Mei and throw walls in his way. Or play Sombra, hack him, and kill him easily. Or play Pharah, and rain hell down upon him. Or play Bastion/Torb and watch him panic. Or play Junkrat and throw some traps down.

What kills me is when you see a Lucio try and solo him, then complain that he killed them. He’s DPS, you’re a fucking healer, what did you actually expect?

Or you have people blindly walking around corners, near walls, then crying because they got sucker punched. How is that any different than a McCree hiding behind a corner to flashbang you?

I dunno, I usually just rocket punch her out of the air. Hit her into a wall and she DEAD. Don’t hit her into a wall, and she’s still probably around half HP. It’s not exactly hard to sucker punch a Pharah.


Today is a sad day because I uninstalled

Really can’t deal with the stupidity and toxicity of solo queue. The game is simply not fun in the slightest anymore. It’s like work.



Orisa+Torb and/or Mercy is some cheesy shit. Having a character crisis with tanks cause I like using them all except Rein and Hog.


As much as I’ve enjoyed getting hate mail from the opposing team, half of it anymore is from stupid fuck dps players on MY team. Yesterday I got so tired of it I had to change PSN settings so only friends can send me messages. Rip in pepperoni, hate mail.


I barely made it back to plat and I’m already annoyed at the idea of losing half of my progress in a couple weeks when the season is over. This game really feels like a Sisyphean task.
At least I got the Sombra skin.


I hate that man. It’s like you’re playing Support but if it’s Lucio when they want a Mercy or an Ana… Like sorry, I’m not a Mercy main. Same as if someone takes Rein and I’m second tank. I’m awful at Zarya and Hog(r.i.p), so it’s not going to be one of them.


Irony being that Lucio/Zen are better healer buddies for DPS because of the utility, major healing is only critical for tanks


Yeah, exactly. The Mercy/Ana type healing is better suited to back up a D.Va/Zarya/Orisa that’s trying to hold the point because YOUR DAMN DPS TEAMMATES DON’T KNOW HOW TO STAY BY THE DAMN THING.

But even if it wasn’t, I’d probably still prefer Lucio more just because of my thought that healing everyone at once in a firefight when you’re trying to hold things down is better than just focusing and trying to switch targets while people die because they’re not getting healed.


anybody watch the world cup qualifiers yesterday?