Blizzard Overwatch


I’m usually more tame with GA, but I guess I get too happy with the extra hop.


The standard really should be two healers a team. It’s hard as hell as one healer keeping 5 other people alive+yourself.


I could be wrong in thinking this, but I swear it feels like every patch/update/etc for this game that comes out has about 10 Doomfist bug fixes no matter how small of a patch it is.


Got this game not long ago. I suck at it. Favorite characters are Pharah, Moira, Mercy, and Torbjörn. Really need to figure out what the blast radius is on Pharah’s rockets, though. Going for direct hits is getting me killed. A lot of things are getting under my skin as someone who’s very new to the game, but I keep telling myself that no, my heroes aren’t underpowered, McCree/Genji/Widow aren’t “win for free” characters, etc. I hate how salty I get.


You can aim at their legs/feet to get more splash damage but tbh if you can’t hit directs with Pharah you shouldn’t play her or you should play her in a range where you can hit them more easily.


This happened the other day. Was playing doomfist. Did a random uppercut and got a kill. Slowed it down later and apparently I punched another doomfist out of his charge punch and he died.


I’m against role queue, but it would instantly even out if more teams were guaranteed 2 healers.


I can second this based only on my very limited experience. I have yet to be able to solo-heal in a match that wasn’t just a squash. Maybe I’m not Moira-ing correctly.


I know personally one of the things that frustrates me when I get stuck solo Moira-ing for healing (other than that I don’t feel confident enough in my Moira yet) is when even in comp, my team decides to ditch me and the payload to run off so I get 4 or 5 on 1’d. Granted, yeah it’d suck if I was playing Offense or Tank, but like…isn’t the Healer the character type you sort of, you know…WANT to be as close to as possible?


On the other hand, pro teams don’t like staying on the payload either

P.S. usually it’s the healer that follows the team since it’s in the backlines. This is why nobody plays Moira in any mobile comp


At my level solo Moira almost never works unless the tanks stay on top of each other. If they do then it’s always a push with yellow orb and spray until in runs out and then dps down the squishiest before healing orb and spray again. The moment we get a pick adv then full dps moira until team wipe works well from silver into plat


I’ll fully admit that I only really started learning Moira so that I could have a character in every class and not be terrible at healing if the situation absolutely called for me to be one. Yeah, I at times wound up with a lot of hours with Lucio, but that was a lot more hours than I wanted, and I call those “distress hours” in that I was forced into them via “well, fuck nobody else is being healer, so I guess I have to be one and pick somebody”.


It’s like those dva players that always try to go ham on the enemy team by themselves then end up getting bodied. Seriously, I honestly think dva is only good for her ult and nothing more. Useless character is useless.


Defense Matrix is still solid, even after the nerf. Shitting on anything that isn’t a beam or Reinhardt/Roadhog/Zarya is pretty good.


Mmmmm, I’d rather just have a barrier. I don’t like dva anyway. Like the mech though.


I’m afraid you don’t know what you’re talking about lol.

P.S. I guarantee you if it was just for her ult she wouldn’t be picked at all



When a enemy Bastion is giving ya trouble. And u have a Dva that keeps flyling in his face and DMs. You’ll be sucking that players dick all game. Good Dvas are rare, but they are a godsend


I’ll always stand by and say dva is trash. And I hate her for it.

Pft, when a bastio is giving me trouble then I have a problem since I’m usually a tank/support and can’t deal with him by myself at close-mid range (since his turret fire has such a long drop-off range because reasons.)


I feel like, given current trends, we’re going to see massive buffs or an outright rework to Torb and Mei at some point. Torb will probably be a rework because of his win rate at lower ranks, which was true for Bastion and Symmetra. Mei either needs better mobility (let us ice skate on the frost ffs) or stronger answers to mobile heroes who can avoid her entirely.


?? Torb has the 2nd best winrate across all ranks and platforms right behind Symmetra… Bastion and Symm were reworked because of their low usage rate at higher ranks, not because of their winrates.
They will never buff Torb or Mei because they want their pro Tracers and Genjis keep doing their flashy plays in OWL.