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Genji is a bit of a mystery to me. Personally I think he’s zero fun and I’ve never used him outside training mode but at least in Platinum he seems to be the most popular character by a very wide margin.


A melee only character woulda been great. Sadly the cloest thing to that is rein. They made genji’s ult a 5m range with a massive hitbox :rofl:. Really hard to miss with it. And you can’t outrun him either.


iirc Genji is by far the most played hero in QP and Genji+Hanzo are the favorite heroes among the male audience. I guess part of it is due to the fantasy of being a badass ninja and the other part is because it makes insecure players feel like they’re playing a very high skill character.


It’s just autism


Pretty sure it’s because both are japanese and inja-like. If they didn’t have those qualities they wouldn’t be as relevant guaranteed.


rocket jumping with pharah greatly increases the height she can gain as well as the speed she will be moving at. it’s meant to augment her other tools and abilities, and if i had a magic wand that gave me a permanent pocket healer i would do it with almost all of her movements.

The other thing is that pharah actually can speed up her decent through the air in a few ways, conc blast, just a rocket hit above her etc… not the best ways but she can speed up her trip to the ground if your about to get blown up by an ult or something


New PTR patch (Sombra, Mei, Doomfist):

Looks like they’re trying to move Sombra from the off support firmly into the dps category.
Now when she hacks Pharah she just falls down like a stone. Turns out learning how to rocket jump was useful after all lol


Digging the Sombra stuff. Not sure why they nerfed her health hack ult charging. Didn’t think EMP was that annoying.


Not sure what the freeze change is supposed to do. They’re stuck for an extra half second? That doesn’t do much to solve her issue with heroes jumping out of her effective range on reaction.


“Rocket jumping by shooting the ground is useful”

Right, except shooting the ground in front of you gives you no air at all and just makes you take damage, which is kind of evidence it doesn’t work like that.


With proper team-coordination it could set-up a wipe pretty much every minute. Unless you see her coming (which you won’t) there’s no way to stop EMP so you just need to use it in tandem with any other offense or Tank Ult and goodbye half of the enemy team. Good Sombras are few and far between but she can have a massive influence on the outcome of a match, hence why I’m not really a fan of her buffs because now she’ll be even stronger outside of EMP. Support players will probably all main Moira at some point now because she’s the only support who’s not going to be totally free to Sombra.

Not sure about the rest though. Mei’s buffs are probably good against Tanks because you might be able to hit them twice with secondary now while they’re frozen.


Think it’s to move her move towards damage = ultimate, and making her a more consistent DPS pick

She got EMP ridiculously fast playing an off-support health pack role, which probably limited Blizzard’s ability to buff her damage/spread due to how fast she’d be pumping out EMPs.


I’ve never had to rocket jump with Pharah. You can stay airborne the entire game by properly regulating her hover pack and jump jet cool down. Initial take off with thrusters, feather the hover pack until thrusters are back, thrusters again and don’t hover until the bar is full, feather the hover pack, wash, repeat.

I’m still waiting for then to nerf moira’s ult gain. She gets it insanely fast with good use of heal orb. There’s ton of comp games where I had my ult in the middle of first push


Ok, saw some stuff on Reddit that cleared up the Mei change. Apparently the slowdown lasts an extra half second before resetting, which is somewhat useful against heroes that take a bit of slowdown then pop out. Would still rather see movement abilities locked after a certain amount of freeze is applied.


Yeah, exactly. Even though it feels like her fuel gauge decreases slightly quicker and that she falls slightly faster after the last couple of patches (though I don’t think I’ve seen notes saying it has, so I could be imagining things), you can still stay airborne for a long time if you alternate right so that boost’ll come back either by the time you’re about to land, or right after you’ve landed on a higher up spot.

Plus, that being said, even with Pharmercy, I kind of don’t know if it’s really worth the 40 health. And well, it’s sort of like if you need to self-damage to figure out how to get decent height with Pharah, then you’ve got bigger problems to worry about.


yeah… but fire it directly underneath you and it will give you air… which is kind of evidence that it does work like that

but just in case you can’t figure it out on your own, here is a visual guide;


I saw some videos of it afterwards. It was just the wording used that was off, was all.


that’s fair, considering you can’t shoot in front of her and expect it to work your statement is kinda true


You have to press jump as you shoot the rocket straight on your feet, it flings you upwards pretty much at the same height as a mine jump with Junkrat. The benefit is that by being above their head with a sudden and unexpected leap they will have a harder time tracking you.
Sure it’s not ideal because Pharah is designed the way it is, but it’s better than being a sitting duck on the ground after being hacked - you’re probably gonna die either way, but at least you might land two directs in their face before returning to spawn.


there is also the fact that most sombra’s only come in to attack while a transponder is up to escape to, so rocket jumping onto a ledge above her so she can’t hit you could be a viable escape in some instances