Blizzard Overwatch


Was this ever confirmed?

I could easily see their next game being an MMOFPS after the insane amount of sales Destiny had for a new IP.


They are only scrubby because you play at a scrub level. Now go to bed grampa.


Nukkah there’s a server up on USWest titled “KillFox gets rekt in PK” in Diablo 2 right now. B)


Fixed. Game looks like some bullshit as well, honestly where are you guys getting the hype from lol?


The titan thing was mentioned at a panel yesterday. I’ll try to dig it up later but not today, I still have another day of blizzcon to enjoy : )


Sonicabid is just salty because he tried to learn how to play Starcraft 2 and after dying to a cannon rush once he cried and uninstalled.

I’m glad people are finally catching on to what I’ve been saying for at least a year out two and seeing that Po and sonicabid’s small brains can’t handle the fact that other people have different opinions than them, Sonicabid has a chance to actually play the beta and give his impressions yet chooses to make a drive by judgement from a single trailer LOL.

Their salt gave my Thai coconut steak curry a great kick last night, keep it coming guys and with iodide please!


orochi you realize by saying shit like this you make yourself sound like a bigger, self-righteous “holier than thou” type of D-bag than posters like me and Po could ever aspire to be, right?

I’d give you shit for sounding like a complete phag in this post but I realize that you being an Islamic midget still living with mommy in the West must be a pretty rough life already. Just remember, if things get any worse you can always fly back to the East and join up with ISIS. :wink:


You guys are straight goofballs getting mad at each other over who has better tastes in video games.


“Oh no. You guys are excited for a game that looks fun and Blizzard smacked their name on it? What fuckin’ fegs.”

Way to go, guys.


Exactly, I’ve never understood why some people get so emotional about other people liking different things than them, what is it about about differing opinions that gets some to bash on their keyboards? Why not let everyone enjoy whatever the fuck they want?

This whole “my opinion is right and yours is wrong” was fun in grade school when we argued about SNES vs Genesis (blast processing all day! lol), but doing it as an adult is just sad, maybe there’s some appeal to it that I’m missing? let me try it.

@Vynce‌ haha you dumbass console peasant look at you spending money on that COD, what a brainwashed retarded sheep thinking you’re “having fun” when in reality you’re lining Bobby Kotick’s pocket and being taken advantage of!

…Nah still don’t see the appeal, I don’t care whether others have different tastes or not as long as they’re happy good for them.


This is 90% of the reason the world is the shithole it is today.


You are the other 10%.


Robot Monk looks fucking awesome.


Ugh, I wish I got into drawing sooner. All I want to do is draw porn of the Tracer.


There was a chick cosplaying her really well today already wtf


Also the line to play this dwarves every other game, and they have 600 PCs running it, and the line wraps around the space and has to snake like crazy. At least it moves fast


They pay cosplayers to portray characters at these cons to get the pre-release hype train going.
The cosplayer either recieves money, early access, some other accomodations, or all of the above in exchange for access to the design materials.


Yeah I love the art style of this game.

Blizz never mentiones it officially, but from what I hear this is the fps part of titan before they scrapped the rest of it from what some stories from inside sources stated. They said it had a Pixar/incredible vibe to it so I’m sure titan became overwatch. The game just wasn’t the fun or didn’t have the spark they needed it to have. @Sonicabid‌

Im also super hype because the character art for it is amazing and glad it just isn’t in blizzard’s vaults forever.

Yeah hammer dude for me and maybe hanzo, enjoy a good archer.


@Negaduck Yeah, the concept art and character designs are pretty amazing.


Hanzo is pretty much the only character I’m not feeling lol.

On one of the posters theirs three additional characters not shown in the trailer