Blizzard Overwatch


Pixar of games is Platinum… They rarely lay eggs.

Blizzard is the Dreamworks of games- Pretty visuals and decent plots mired by terrible execution.


They intentionally went that route to appeal to the current generation that grew up on a billion movies with those kind of visuals. Hell the cinematics looks like a pixar movie straight out. Marketing wise it’s a brilliant idea and I can respect it.

Now as for the f2p model, so far they’ve been good at it. Hearthstone had one of the better f2p models. Not Dota 2 tier, but you could stay free to play just fine and take your time building your collection, on top of having plenty of viable budget options budget as in using very little ingame resources for competing. So for a card game, which are INHERENTLY p2w by design, it worked pretty well.

*Unfortunately the last expansion for that game did kinda tug at your wallet and the meta for the most part DID revolve around some of the cards so yeah. *

Not a fan of the moba genre so didn’t exactly went out of my way to try Heroes of the Storm. So i can’t exactly say much on their f2p model there.


Starcraft 2 confirmed to be too mentally demanding for Po.


So is this going to be ruined by brony scum as well?


People who don’t play FPS games getting hype for this game just because Blizzard’s name is on the box is hilarious.

How many FPS games Blizzard has made:

How many good games Blizzard has put out since World of Warcraft:

Game’s going to be ass but everyone will play it because of the Blizzard name. :wink:


Hearthstone and diablo after the expansion is good :coffee:


Anything that’s not Dota2 tier is shit tier. The fact that there’s more shit and less shit doesn’t change that it’s shit. Give me an option to pay 60$ and unlock everything like a normal videogame. Card games are not inherently p2w by design, only by history.

Are you implying that Activision-Blizzard is too poor to hire people who know their shit?


Looks fun to me. Signed up.


Pretty cool looking game. It might be familiar, but if it’s Blizzard, I have high hopes.

Also, I’ll be fapping to Widowmaker.


Lol I’ve actually played it, its solid. Abids just got a hard on for bashing blizzard because he hooked up with the ugly girl at school (poe) and wants to convince himself the cute girl was not worth his time (Diablo)

In its early state its a more solid shooter than most I’ve played.

It hasn’t even been announced as f2p yet? What is all this anti f2p sentiment about.


They hired a guy who mainly developed RTS games as the lead to an isometric action RPG. Remember how that turned out?

Blizzard has all the lettuce in the world to spend. Doesn’t mean they know how to spend it properly. Didn’t they recently can an MMO that was in development for over 1/2 a decade? Imagine how much money they spent developing it before they decided to scrap it.

If you were a fan of Blizzard’s games before WoW, then you’re probably not a fan of anything they’ve released since then. The design philosophy and the depth of their older games is completely different than the shit they put out now. The look and feel of these new, scrub-friendly Blizzard games suck ass compared to the older ones. Even got worse. :expressionless:


That mmo was a mmofps, and its best idea and solid shooter engine is what Overwatch is based on and why they were able to develop it relatively quickly


Was this ever confirmed?

I could easily see their next game being an MMOFPS after the insane amount of sales Destiny had for a new IP.


They are only scrubby because you play at a scrub level. Now go to bed grampa.


Nukkah there’s a server up on USWest titled “KillFox gets rekt in PK” in Diablo 2 right now. B)


Fixed. Game looks like some bullshit as well, honestly where are you guys getting the hype from lol?


The titan thing was mentioned at a panel yesterday. I’ll try to dig it up later but not today, I still have another day of blizzcon to enjoy : )


Sonicabid is just salty because he tried to learn how to play Starcraft 2 and after dying to a cannon rush once he cried and uninstalled.

I’m glad people are finally catching on to what I’ve been saying for at least a year out two and seeing that Po and sonicabid’s small brains can’t handle the fact that other people have different opinions than them, Sonicabid has a chance to actually play the beta and give his impressions yet chooses to make a drive by judgement from a single trailer LOL.

Their salt gave my Thai coconut steak curry a great kick last night, keep it coming guys and with iodide please!


orochi you realize by saying shit like this you make yourself sound like a bigger, self-righteous “holier than thou” type of D-bag than posters like me and Po could ever aspire to be, right?

I’d give you shit for sounding like a complete phag in this post but I realize that you being an Islamic midget still living with mommy in the West must be a pretty rough life already. Just remember, if things get any worse you can always fly back to the East and join up with ISIS. :wink:


You guys are straight goofballs getting mad at each other over who has better tastes in video games.