Block element


You can still use it on stuff without right clicking if you don’t already know. Just go to the top right of your screen and click on the stop sign and then click at the bottom of your srk page and rinse and repeat until that bullshit gone.


Ps: Nice knowing ya’ll.



How did it let you post without typing anything?


Angelpalm to make this thread a prophetic tale


HERP DERP! Look at me, Im’s MrWizard. I’ma ban yooouuuu for postin’ browser stuff. McRib bite

I gotcho back, AP!



whats going on??


But what is the Block Element weak to? Fire?


Circle Element, silly.


The “Block Element” is something that more and more scrubs are desperately lacking in the FGC. This shortage is causing copious amounts of NaCl to be transmitted through cyberspace.


They call it Guarding in Japan. “Block” actually = “Parry!”

Makes sense when the words say: GUARD BREAK / PERFECT GUARD in the games themselves.

Keep a good guard up. Defense is key.