Block string partitioning

so i do his pokes, c,mk, s.hp etc, charge down, dash, (charge down while dashing) up+lp. and i get a j.lp

i wanna know if theres a certain amount of time, possibly the first few frames that i have to make it come out? if so, i know about when i press lp, and release it, it registers. so i always do that to try and make the headbutt come out earlier.

and im doing s.hp, (charge down/back immediately), dashing as soon as the move ends, sort of like buffering it in. then immediately going to downback, and when the dash animation stops tap up+lp. then i get a jumping light punch.

is there something im missing here?

oh and one more thing. i can get c.hp, lk tackle, EX tackle, tackle to work. even though that doesnt need to be partitioned, but im having trouble doing c.hp, .mk tackle, mk tackle on a shoto.

one thing that i can partition is the midscreen unblockable though. c.hp, mk tacklexxhp aegis, hk tackle, charge down, dash, charge down, mp headbut dash dash f+mk.

i just dont get why i can do 1 partition just fine but not the other

thanks for taking the time to read, and help would be appreciated

you’re either charing for too long or too short. during the first blockstring you listed you’re probably not charing long enough, and you’d probably need to briefly hold down before hitting the HP.

double tackles are covered in 19583257832852 other topics. search.

yeah the tackles was just to help me out a lil more.

im using a p360 mas stick

i understand everything i read on tackle, tackle, but its just not coming out. im doing as it says, d/b, forward, d/b+mk. i dont know if that timing is either too long or too short for the partition.

and can you tell me the timing before the partitioning breaks? like if u s.hp how much time do i have to dash after the animation ends before i can dash and input the other partition charge?

so far im just using the tackle, EX tackle, tackle, s.hp combo since i cant do any of this shit :sad: and i get pwnt if i have no meter and get that opportunity in corner

its like 15 frames between each move in a partition.
double tackles are just, do the first tackle asap, then do the second tackle at the first possible opportunity your charge completes, just gotta practice till you know the timing. if you’re getting a f+mk or standing mk, you didnt charge enough, if the tackle whiffs into the opponent, it was too late.

thanks man that helps a bunch. timing is mad critical, dunno if i can do that accurately in a match. i appreciate the help though.

Try learning to charge partition damn near every poke he has. sFP sMP, cMK are very important when breaking up your charges. I use that as space control, then I advance with a headbutt.

Go for it when you can get it, but most of the time really think out if thats worth doing. I showboat it sometimes and it fucks up my game cause I do nonsensical shit.

Keep that evil out of your mind and break up those pokes.

A good one to get you into the throw of understanding urien free style is jRH sMP ex headbutt etc.

Then work your way up to jRH sWP sMP EX Headbutt.

Break up all that shit the proper way and you can manipulate charge timing to be very basic for your mind.

I also realize there are times where you really know a player and it’d be best not to always charge when poking, but when you have a nice zone or some comfort, it never hurts you to try for that.

Another example of Good blocked shit > waking sMP, headbutt.

I spent a considerable amount of time becoming comfortable with ‘deceitful charging’ or hiding my charges. You don’t always need to, cause a good crouch can be a mind game in itself at times, but it helps to have this skill.

Also, when you corner a shoto, I’d go for MK tackle, WK tackle headbutt instead. I don’t bother with two MK tackles much, but get that one down first.

I really believe two tackles is one of the most confusing bnb’s in third to explain, and you can only learn it by practicing that timing A LOT. It’ll come eventually, just don’t give it up. This was a huge problem I had, I seriously believed I’d never figure that shit out, but I got it down. Do what was said in the previous thread on this. Do not rush that second tackle, and get that first one as early as you can. See it this way, if the second tackle doesn’t connect, you are still getting closer to understand the timing on it. As long as you see it appear, eventually you will figure this timing out. Its a bitch to explain it.

A good way to get a feel for how much charge is needed between is to try Urien’s sweep, and instantly follow it with a down charge. Like… if you do d+hk, bring it to neutral real quick then charge down until you’re at a moveable state, then you dash forward (while charging) & do up+lp, it’s just too little of charge time. Thus, you have to do dash in,, up+lp. Then it’s enough charge. Once I figured that out it really helped my partition game in that most normals aren’t quite enough charge to be able to just throw a normal out and use it’s lag for the first half of the charge. Get what I’m saying? Thus, you could do with a LITTLE down charge near the end, then a normal like s.hp while down charging, and it should give you enough to charge to be able to dash in and headbutt.