Block Strings

am working on trying to get decent block strings in my game that are safe

Been playing adon since day 1 and im fed up of doin c.lp x 3 to with no chip damage, been workin on my rushdown game far to much since Ive started playing adon and never really thought of a defensive type of game.

im working on c.lp x 2 to l.iajk but cant get it constantly(may not be safe)

anyone know of a safe blockstring or decent blockstring with chip damage
would be great thanks!

Isn’t IAJK punishable on reaction (by SRK for example) ?

I think the only safe blockstring with damage would be a blockstring ending by 623K xx FADC xD and it’s of course not worth the meter burnt.

im finding that > c.lp > s.hp ~ h.jk
is working for me realy well cos adons close fierce can stuff quite abit and theres always the chance of the hk.jk to cross up! which was news to me lp -> cr. lp -> cr. mp -> mk/hk jaguar kick

ill mix it up sometimes, instead of a Jaguar kick ill, throw, st. hk, IA jaguar kick, or stop after the medium punch to bait a potential mash out special. Everyone ALWAYS thinks they can just jump out to avoid jaguar kick, amazing how many people I catch with it

mm… correct me if im wrong, but the only true safe blockstring is cl st lp x2 (after a cross up for example).

cl st lp is the only chainable attack Adon has; any blockstring performed with the rest ones are unsafe against good reversals because of blockstrings frame gaps.

due to cl st lp pushback, you can only chain two hits; the third jab will be a far st lp (it is still safe, but timed with a 1 frame precision).

problem is, if you try to hit confirm with cl st lp, you loose the ability to cancel the following Rising Jaguar into U2 (pushback make the fist RJ cancelable hit to whiff).

i dont exactly know if this issue (RJ not cancelable after cl st lp hit confirm) depends on the character though… ill have to test it.

Adons jabs aren’t chains. just links

He can chain close standing jab but it’s not that useful since the range is shit. You can probably do an option select with s.rh.

mm… how would that exactly work?

cl st.jab, s.rh~cl st.jab. You do it when they wake up, if they back dash to make your 1st cl st.jab whiff, s.rh will come instead. If they don’t, two cl st.jab will come out.

Not as useful as dictators OS because adon don’t have any air tight pressure that would make people want to backdash away on wake up.

edit: Not to mention that cl st.jab can miss if the opponent has a small crouching hitbox.

nacor cb speaks the truth. Close:lp:, close:lp: is Adon’s only safe non-interruptible block string outside of jumping attacks into normals. Everything else is DP/Ultra-mashable.

yeah, eddosan and nacor are correct. Block strings aren’t exactly Adon’s thing especially if you aren’t sporting crisply links. You’re better off attemping, hk. JK. Even though its punishable its also surprising how quick it is. I believe personally its best to just keep attacking and varying your strategy. Adon can combo out of his overhead use it, instant overhead use it, IAJK use it. ambiguous crossup use it, throw… definitely use it. Hell if you’re feeling psychic pull a gamerbee and spam that HK.JK/IAJK forcing them to counterattack in which you RJ out of. MANY MANY options


thanks, ill try it :slight_smile:

Ive been using that ‘String’ that i have mentioned above and has helped alot, In my opinon i think adon is high risk high gain to be honest

I’ve been messing with You do this at footsie range and either they block the or if they back up or jump the JK will come out. It’s an “option select” of sorts. Anyway, let me know how that goes… Even though it’s not really a blockstring.

I’ve tried that a few times, and I can’t cancel the -> JK.

That’s how it’s suppose to work. If the hits the JK won’t come out but if the the opponent backdash or jumps back the will whiff then the JK will come out to punish them.

I don’t think is a very good normal to use for that because it will whiff on crouching opponents, hell it’ll whiff on some standing ones.

Holy fucking shit. You realise that almost any BnB can be mashed out of? Even if a character has chain jabs he has to stop and link to hitconfirm. Should we stop doing BnBs?

Jagkicks cannot be DPed on reaction, and it the situation that they can be (late hit with the tail of the hitbox) it is very easy to bait a whiffed DP.

Yeah s.MK is not a very good normal to use. Just one of the best adon pokes with a huge hitting box and which shrinks adon hittable box.

I’m sorry to say man, JKs are easy as fuck to punish on reaction. All you gotta do is pay attention to him moving horizontally in the air and making a “YEEOOWW” sound or “JAGGA KEECK” and BAMMMM!! Dragon Punch to the dome.

The reason I said is because it has more range than the first hit of and has a peculiar hit box which you can use to your advantage by not standing point blank and taking another DP to the grill. It works man, you just have to hit the and input the jk so fast that it doesnt come out.

Edit: It works just like buffering with Rising Jaguar. You hit and input RJ when you’re playing footsies and what’ll happen is that only the will come out until they walk forward to hit you with a poke and in turn they get hit by the which combos into Rising Jaguar.

the block string i mention above is bad!
ive been repeatedly thrown out of the fierce punch!

any other ideas?

You’re block string is only good if the opponent is a good crouch techer, if they are the run of the mill mash tech scrubs then they are going to throw you outta it every time.

Do, s.hp instead. On block, the’s frame advantage won’t cover the start up of s.hp so if they mash grab, they are gonna get blown up but don’t get predictable because if the opponent you are playing like to mask SRK, you’ll get blown up.