Block Strings...

Are block strings basically just combos that are blocked? Or another way of saying it, if an opponent blocks the first move of my combo, but I carry it out anyway, it’s now a block string, right?

One more thing, if it’s a true combo (no gaps/frame traps), if they try to mash out a DP in the middle of it, it won’t work will it? Does this change at all if it was a frame trap?

You’re on the right track, but slightly off the mark.

There are two kinds of block strings - “true” block strings and…not true block strings. In a “true” block string, you are taking advantage of moves with long block stun and short startup to constantly keep your foe in blockstun. In this instance, a mashed anything isn’t going to do squat.

In non-true block strings, you are simply repeatedly hitting your foe with moves that they are blocking. In this instance, a mashed DP will usually beat out whatever you were doing (though there are some exceptions).

Does that answer your question, or do you require further clarification?

Pretty much a sequence of moves done to keep your opponent blocking. I’m not sure if this was the original definition of a block string back in the day, but many people use the term “true block string” as in a sequence of moves that keeps your opponent in block stun. In this case a player wouldn’t be able to do anything during the string. A frame trap is intended to give the opponent a gap where you have frame advantage so you stuff their move.

Whether something combos or not doesn’t directly correlate to it being a “true block string”, and since many characters bnb combos end in an unsafe move, its dangerous to think of them interchangeably.

Block strings is a series of attacks that leaves no gap for your opponent to do anything except block. If they try to mash a reversal, they’ll end up getting hit by it…for some characters, they can combo off of a block string if it hits.

I guess the technical term for attacking your opponent with a series of attacks, with a gap for reversals, is called an attack string. At least what’s what I call it.

Some combos that work on hit, are not necessarily true block strings, since players have less frame advantage on block than they do on hit. That’s why it’s important to learn your characters proper block strings, so prevent getting reversal’d.

A frame trap can be countered by mashed reversals, because a frame trap INTENTIONALLY leaves a gap in your attack where your opponent can press buttons. Which is what you want in a frame trap, because ideally you want to punish their crouch-techs.

Aaaah I see now. Ok, well I better figure out which (if any of my BnBs) are true block strings. Thanks a lot guys.

Huh, no? If you mash a reversal during a blockstring you’ll just keep blocking.

no, a block string is a series of moves that will keep an opponent in block stun . The opponent cannot do anything except block until the strings over. The opponent will also continue to block even if they arent holding back (they can still get hit by high/low).

it’s different from a frame trap. A frametrap let’s your opponent do a move, but it leaves you in + frames and if they do something even a jab it usually results in a counter hit. Invincible frames will beat your poke.

Dose it not depend on the game? Doesn’t 3rd Strike not have the auto block like 2&4 so le’ts say in 2&4 you block a three hit SRK you are stuck in blockstun for all three hits, but in 3rd strike you can try to red parry the 3rd hit?

yes that is true. In 3s if you stop holding back at anytime you’ll stop blocking even if you’re in block stun. In fact you can’t red parry unless you explicitly stop blocking. Most SF games aren’t this way though.

yea you’re right, forgot about 3S. Well most games :slight_smile:

Depends on the reversal and blockstring. Auto-guard won’t block low for you automatically. So if the opponent does a blockstring that hits low and your reversal requires you to move the stick up or neutral, you will get hit.