Block strings?



Can we maybe get a list going of some useful ones? I wasn’t sure if i should post this in the combo section

I know it sounds crazy, but i’ve been trying to pull off vega’s 5th hard trial and variations of it in matches.

J.:hp:, cr.:mk:, s.:lk:, s.:lk:, cr.:mp:. it puts u at a pretty safe range with multiple options.

You MIGHT be able to cancel the cr. :mp: into a wall dive to escape if you need space. I’m trying it out to see if its possible(if yes, then that means u can ex wall dive some peeps after the string! duno about the yet dmg tho). or you can follow up with a s.:mk:, slide, :df::hk:, :df: :mk:

Also another variation that isnt useful if they like to shoryuken spam, but can be useful just for mixing it up. cr. :lp:, cr. :lk:, s.:lk:, s.:lk:, s.:hk:/cr.:mp:

If u guys think this is a good idea then I’ll clean up my post and get the dmg of some of these when they connect. Or we can move this into the combo thread. Or we can just ignore me and let this topic die :confused:


You def can cancel it into walldive.
Try not to use such long block strings though, you’ll become more susceptible to shoryus


You know, you have to post what character you can use this on. I bet Ryu can SRK you out of those strings for sure. However, japanese players use those in mirrors a lot. You can lock down Vega in the corner with those strings.

But sure, go ahead and do some blockstring research for us, shack.
That’d be really nice.


Well that is the point. If u get them down well enough he cant shoryuken out of them and ur out of his range allowing u to come in with a slide or other ranged attack.

It’s a mixup, if u pull off one or 2 long strings, they’re going to expect it and try to mash out or be open to a tick kara throw in the middle of the string.

Have u done the cancel from that block string? the 2 standing :lk: into a cr. :mp:? Maybe if it was just one standing attack, but that is 2. I haven’t tried it out enough yet.

Yeah I didn’t put too much research yet, just know that the second one is easy to counter if they’re mashing out moves and the first one is his 5th hard trial.

I know these rnt going to be anything great, but i have noticed that doing a s.:lk: into cr :mp: helps push people away into perfect range for a some follow ups. And it’s vega, Im pretty sure most vega players would rather finish a combo/string and be out of range of a shoryuken or cross up attempt.

I’ll try out some more and get some better info. I just wanted to hear some opinions or see if anyone already has experimented with these.


any links that Vega has outside of> is totally beyond me (even this one still is about 50% :sweat:). By contrast I can mash out 5 hit links with Balrog all day long :wasted:. I find lp RCF makes for pretty safe option to push away an opponent if they block my j.fp->


Yeah, do some research on that please, and present us your results afterwards.

(Only links I am not getting consistently are cr.lp -> and cr.lp -> because their timing is just pretty fast compared to the whole rest, which are not hard to do).

Yeah I’m using that link more and more. -> is pretty safe and it’s so fast, almost no one can SRK you out of it on reaction. Plus, it puts you at a nice distance.