block strings?



anyone know block strings?
this is a test…if no one answers this then I’m never coming here again…


seriously: there are no block strings in 3S, you dont have gaurdbar, plus you will get if you do it three times, because the opponent will see it non-scrubby ppl…


I guess I really shouldn’t have used the word “block strings” but what I meant was basically a series of attacks that basically keep you grounded and has a high probability for a high-low mixup all while pressuring the opponent. This is supposedly what Japanese Yangs do (assuming SA II?), but people stopped using him here because you can reversal super with ken or chun (source: Paul lee?). There is this one match where Yang is playing against Urien, and he does a bunch of random attacks that resemble Makoto’s style of hit-confirm rushdown pattern, yet it seems like it’s totally random and really really risky, but in reality it’s mostly safe. The “random” senkyutai is what caught my attention in the match, but other than that, it’s really really intimidating.