block strings?

i was doing c.lp c.lp criminal upper a lot, but i got ultra punished… what are you guys using, all the specials are unsafe on block right? what about zonk knuckle or something

I actually like to end with fMP just because of the amount of time you get to set something up, or continue poking, if you so choose.
Who punished you with ultra?

a friend of mine told me that they punished Cody’s upper with Makoto’s ultra and another one with Balrog’s jab+straight+super :confused:

dudley punished me with ultra

I’m guessing that’s what the knife is for

Are you guys using LP Criminal Upper? It’s -5 on block. I wasn’t getting punished that often after a cLP, cLP, cLP, cMP, LP CU string (but MP, HP and EX CU are -8, -10, and -11 respectively). Doing more punches before the LP CU makes the pushback enough so it’s harder to punish.

Make sure you watch out for Claw Vega though, I think his cLP reaches far enough to punish strings that end in LP CU.

Dudley’s CorkScrew Cross Ultra has a 8 frame startup, so he won’t be able to punish you with Ultra if you do LP CU in your block strings. However, I think his super has a 2 frame startup, so you should watch out for that.

You can use crouching jab, jab, jab, short. Should also be easy to hit confirm since most of cody’s links come off is crouching jab and strong.

you’ll be a decent distance from your opponent. Plus you’ll be safe.

As far as block strings go I’m sure c.jabs will be is only “true block string” but i like to use |c.jab>c.jab>c.jab>c.short| it gives me enough time to hit AND stand confirm to go to HK Ruffian or if there crouched a lite CU to stay safe. you can also do one less c.jab to make sure the HK Ruffian hits cuz its a lil wierd sometimes. also you can break ur own block string with a fake rocks and do a f.HP overhead.

can you confirm which chs the c.lp x3, block string works on? because this seem ch specific to me

It doesn’t really. Adding alot of jabs then doing a move that doesn’t link or cancel after the jabs is a bad idea. The only reason why it seems to work is because your opponent doesn’t know what’s really going on. But oh boy once they do it’s counter city :sad: The first day I played with my friends I was owning them free with that chip now they’ve learned how to get around it. What I’ve been doing lately is I’ll do 3 fast c.jab then s.short (does a long kick) If they block all of it, puts a nice gap between you and the opponent. From there you have so many tools to work with (CU, rib punch, slide, focus atk, H ruffian, Long hook, rocks, zonk and even s.forward–great poke!!) When you put that gap between each other they have to make a choice. Whatever they decide will help you chose the right tool.

Give it a try and have fun!

but with the different hit boxes and things like that i doubt that string will work on all chs. I understand the logic btw, its like i said i dont think the whole string will hit all chs. But i will def use it more. Thanks

it works on hit w/everyone I’ve seen so far. but on block you can only depend on two jabs at the most

if you use or xx jab criminal you can get mashed out of it by invincible moves. c.fp xx criminal is a block string but there is a big gap between a blocked c.lp and a c.fp

none of the specials are truly safe, spacing through jabs and ending with jab CU is hard to punish–but still punishable. instead of a true blockstring cody has a lot of mixup options on block up close. so if you jab a couple times and see they are blocking you can:

-space a crossup after blocked jabs
-neutral jump
-bait with fake rocks after pushed back
-go into low shorts to confirm a RK
-rush punch to jab, short xx RK

those are few basic options, unsafe obviously but it’s good pressure if you don’t think they’ll throw a reversal out or have trained them not to reversal from block & punish

I like to slide (crouch mk) after 2 jab 1 short pause then either block, poke with stand short/strong or mk, slide again.

Cody is a rude dude–he isn’t safe and to keep the pressure on you’re going to have to use a lot of normals–his pokes are sick. But get used to blocking and tech’ing–a lot.

I wish I had some videos to post, a lot of good players got the game early and I’ve had the pleasure to play Rizhall, Saqs, Hugo101 and some others. I’ll try to get some recorded soon.

Goodwillis and all Thanks for the info all of it helps. how do i properly use the zonk

Cody is great and I use him a lot but its hard for me to tell what should be my BnB combo, and what should be my punishable combo? Most of the time I use fierce punch, fierce CU for a punisher. or even just a random hooligan kick. For combos I use random moves. Like:,,, CU. any of this good? Suggestions?

I tend to use either c.Fierce->ZK… if I don’t have one on charge, then I’ll hold jab and punish with s.Strong->c.Fierce->ZK … very good damage… for a different punish I’ll use fierce -> fierce.CU too.

Just depends… but if you can get a jump in, do… (hold lp) j.HK, s.MP->c.HP, lp.Zonk Knuckle – 345 dmg no meter

As for block strings, I tend to agree with Goodswillis, get your first two jabs/shorts out the mix it up each time…

Blockstrings: cr.lp cr.lp. Do it quickly and it’s a tight blockstring (can’t be reversal’d). Do it slowly and it’s a frame-trap on block (if they mash buttons they’ll get hit) but still combos on hit. On hit, combo into hp-CU. There is no reason to do CU or Ruffian Kick or any other special on block: always hit-confirm them.

At max-range, cr.lp Frame-trap on block, easy combo link on hit, and you can hit-confirm into hp-CU or mk-Ruffian. sounds promising, since it moves you forward and also links into

If you notice them standing during your blockstring, e.g. to tech-throw/jump/backdash/reversal, then you can do cr.lp lp-CU. Against some characters, if done close enough, you can end up eating a lot of damage if this is blocked (lp-CU leaves you at -5).

There are lots of other options. This is just a start.

BnB: simplest choice is cr.lp cr.lp hp-CU. Easy combo with good damage. Deals LESS damage if you do 3 cr.lps before

cr.lp cr.lp cr.lp/ hp-CU deals a little less damage, but if you do it point-blank, it sets up for dash -> jump -> cross-up at midscreen. If you use instead, you won’t cross-up unless you walk forward before you jump, but then they’ll have more time to anti-air you. Similarly, you can walk backward after this combo to avoid crossing up.

At max range, mk-Ruffian deals more damage than hp-CU, since the first hit of hp-CU will whiff. But generally, hp-CU does more damage, a lot more stun, and gives you slightly more time before they can get up.

Punish combos: (s.lp) hp-CU can punish a number of things on block, if you don’t have the time to get close enough to land a bigger combo.

After something like a blocked DP, or off a level-2 focus, a simple choice is just cr.hp hp/ex-CU. You can get more damage by linking cr.hp hp/ex-CU, but the damage increase is only 30-50 for two 1-frame links, so in a tournament situation you might want to stick to the easier option until you can link those moves consistently. In casuals, always go for the link combo for practice.

There are also FADC combos for even more damage. You can find videos of these on Youtube / elsewhere on this forum.