Blocked Dive Kick ->?

At risk of starting a theory fight, I’m wondering what are some solid options after a blocked dive kick. 95% of the time I go for a throw, but as soon as my opponent catches on thats an easy tech, and I need to keep him guessing so any ideas folks?

DP his ass :smiley: That should keep him humble about throwing. That is unless he crouch tech option selects the throw. Maybe a backdash would do the trick?

I like to cLP->cLP…walk back a little (depending on the character’s cLK range) then walk forward HP-kara throw. if done right and they are mashing (be sure to chain the LP’s) you will bait a crouch tech/stand tech/mash reversal/nothing…all of which still set up a punish.

If I have super I like to dive kick(blocked)->cMP (on block)->super…its super effective.

As a mixup I sometimes go for a st.hp into lk demon flip throw. Catches them like 90%.

^ This, or play it safe with a block string

no one’s ever blocked one of my dive kicks, i’ll let you know what unbeatable strategy I undeniably will use to, most likely, perfect my opponent if this ever occurs.

Only if they don’t know what they are doing. If they do, it maybe catches them the first time and proceeds to get all the other times.

Mix up blockstrings with throws, frame traps, overheads etc… As said before, a lot of people online will not punish demon flip throw.

ehm…do a blockstring? Akuma has like 200 of them, just fish for some counterhits and mix it up with tick/kara throws…hell you might even bait a throw tech with an ex tatsu or shoryuken (if you have 2 bars to fadc out of it if they don’t fall for the bait). Even blockstrings are somewhat character dependant, this question doesn’t really have an answer. You’re playing akuma, you have to mix it up.

This definitely didn’t deserve it’s own thread…there is a sticky for questions like this.