Blocked genei-jin strings

what are some good blocked genei-jin strings that can get the opponent into a combo?


uoh links into cr.short?

at a certain distance

i’ve seen people doing (corner)crossup dive kick,cr.short,mk launcher,dash to the other side,palm/mklauncher,.i haven’t tried it before.

any tips on how to do those without being to predicatable?

and also any tips on the command throw?
i always find myself being hit before i can pull it off

just try to tick him into a command throw :wink: always mix it up wits close, wait, grab or, grab or whatever

lord sharky is right: that combo is pretty good, use superjump, wait, divekick to other side when they’re knocked down to cross up into that combo

uoh links into at the distance where a person would block s.hp =) those two hits you know?

so just do s.hp, uoh, f+hp into the rest of the genei jin, youll soon figure out the range

I’ve been using the standing fierce into UOH a lot lately. That shit is tight. I’ve also been using cr. short, short, UOH to catch people too. It doesn’t seem to work on everyone, but Chun and Urien get hit by it. Anyone know any other strings into UOH that are useful?