Blocked sinuses

its that time of the year when my sinuses get even more fucked up than they usually are.
i’m currently using flixonase and some allergy tablets which seem to work well for the first few weeks then its downhill from there.

i’ve tried afrizine in the past which works instantly but it causes an even worse inflammation when it wares off.

any solutions to curing the cause of the problem?

get your hands on a vaporizer. Not only is it great for weed, but with some Vicks, you can pretty much annihilate that nonsense

Wasabi will clear them pretty quick.

Oh Wasabi cures allergies? That’s new to me.

OP- I take allegra now that it’s over the counter. Seems to work well. I’ve tried certrizine and I use flonaze as well. What does your allergist recommend?

if your sinuses are getting blocked, go for a throw

taskmaster and viper have unblockables

i’m on cetrizine now and it works well with flixonase.

I went for an allergy test 3 years ago but it came back negative. my doctor still insists that i have allergies that cant be detected so my treatment is still ongoing.

I’ve had a polypectomy and surgery for a deviated septum in the past but i still feel the same. i’m now considering Bilateral Nasal Specific which i intend to do on myself because i cant find a doctor/chiropractor in the UK who’s familiar with this procedure. [media=youtube]Ycten767KbY[/media] lol @ the guy at the end


i’ve researched this procedure for over a year so hopefully i’ll know what i’m doing.

That treatment sounds really unpleasant. I guess in theory it seems sound though…but hey I’m no doctor.

My brother had a deviated septum as well and went through surgery for it (looked like he was in a car wreck afterwards). It seemed to help for a few years but now I think he’s having the same problems as before.

I snort netipot water

google it

Beating off/having sex will clear it out…for a limited time.

I’m drinking some peppermint tea from celestial seasonings that I was just saying as I logged on that would be great for clearing up someone’s sinuses.

If you still feel the same after nasal surgery then further surgery may be more of the same. My ENT recommended nasal surgery and I backed out several days before the surgery out of fear of getting empty nose syndrome plus another doctor at the same hospital hinted at surgery wasn’t the problem because my dry cough was mostly like severe allergy related. ENT’s are quick to recommend surgery when in reality everyone to an extent has a deviated septum. If your sinuses are mainly an issue during pollen season then how is the problem a deviated septum? Your sinuses would be blocked year around.

Certrizine didn’t do anything for me and I can’t tell with the flonase but the allegra seems the best for me so far. I recommend trying it. Maybe some allergy shots will help.

My sinuses are blocked all year round, it just get worse during the summer to the point where i lose my sense of smell.

I also used to have allergies and blocked sinuses year round, especially in air conditioning and at bed time. Budesonide nasal spray (Rhinocort) was brilliant, completely cured it. I’m off it now after using it for over a year, and although I occasionally get a bit of blockage in one side (like right now, it’s really cold), it’s nothing like it used to be). Make sure you use it everyday to maintain that clean fresh feeling.

thanks, i’ll buy that tonight.



What ever drugs you use, sometimes you need to switch to something else.
Currently I’m on Claritine-D, because the last shit I was on wasn’t working at all. Couldn’t sleep for more than an hour, drooling all over the pillow and shit.

I used to have sinus problems. This year I started eating more whole foods and just clean in general. First spring/summer in my life that I haven’t experienced any discomfort aside from one itchy eye incident. Try changing your diet!

That could be because of the pseudoephedrine which works really well as a decongestant. Makes some people hyper though and and it’s great to take for extended periods of time.

Has anyone had a dry cough that lasted for long periods of time? I would also get this bloated feeling in my chest.

Are you on any drugs? Do you get shortness of breath? History of asthma?

thats probably caused by “silent acid reflux”, look that up. i rarely cough but i’ve been experiencing constant post nasal drip so I’m always clearing my throat.

i had an appointment to see my ENT today but I overslept. I’m not really too bothered because it was to simply monitor my progress.