Blocked sinuses

I used to smoke pot maybe twice a month but I quit for a year because I thought that might be the cause. That didn’t help at all I was still coughing on and off for a year and fatigued. I have mild asthma and allergies to pollen.

They said I had GERDs but medicine didn’t work for that. They then decided it wasn’t that and have concluded it is allergy related. Plus my diet wasn’t bad or had changed in anyway.

My doctor told me that medications used to resolve sinus issues have to be taken for a few months before you notice any dramatic improvements with your symptoms.

That’s true although I felt like Allegra had me feeling better within 2 weeks. That flonase doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

Weed has been shown to he actually open airways more. Not sure how that works though because in a sense it has some of the same harmful factors as tobacco.

why dont you try Bilateral Nasal Specific?

Did you go to a doctor or an ALLERGIST. Trust me, you will need to see an allergist. Also it sounds like your going to end up getting shots along with meds for this time of year.

Also don’t listen to people who think eating spicy foods will help…

allergy specialist said they couldnt detect any allergies. I’ve never had an allergy shot before, do they really work?

I didnt have allergies until I moved from tennessee to maryland. Once here it got horrible. I used meds and such up until last year I had to do shots cause my surroundings were beating me up bad no matter how I tried to avoid (my girls hair bring pollen n stuff into the bed… all the damn trees around both my home an job). I use to do a combo of Afrin nasal spray (severe) and Claritan/Allerga/Alevert (i would switch each year)… eventually I became slightly immune an had to get shots. Shots have worked for me but you may want to ask your allergist. Also you may want to see if its your area:

people tend to not look at the report for their area (air quality/pollen/tree/ragweed…etc.) an think its just the typical blossoming of flowers. Also change the filters in your HOME. Running out getting a vapor machine or ‘air purifier’ is crazy if the central air or whatever is not kept up in tact.

I go to a hospital that is so bad it takes 6 months just to get in to see the allergist and these doctors waited 8 months to schedule the appointment. I had to constantly advise them to take the necessary steps. I would dare get surgery done at this place.

its not surgery, its actually a chiropractic procedure. it literally takes less than 5minutes to complete.

Oh, I might have to look into that.

Nasal Specific/Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS) uses finger cots, affixed/tied to a blood pressure bulb (a sphygmomanometer) to deliver an even and effective controlled force of pressure. The patient breaths out through their nose, and the finger cot is inserted the nasal passages.

When the finger cot/balloon is slid into the nasal passageway with a flat tooth pick. The patient is asked to breath out through their nose, this allows access and proper placement of the balloon into the passageway. The nose is lightly compressed around the valve of the pressure bulb, so that no air can escape. The patient then takes a deep breath in and holds it. While the patient is holding their breath the practitioner quickly and gently inflates the finger cot/balloon with two to four quick hand pumps/squeezes of the pressure bulb. Squeezing the pressure bulb applies air into the finger cot/balloon. As this air pressure becomes greater it pushes on the walls of the nasal passageways, eventually it squeezes its way through to the back of the throat. The practitioner then quickly releases this pressure via the valve on the stem of the pressure bulb. This process takes a few seconds.

I’ve ordered the blood pressure bulb and finger cot. I’ll let you know if this works.

well I eat a habanero, all of it in a really fast time span, and it works wonders. But nose starts dripping like mad. Spicy food in itself doesn’t work because it has bitch amounts of the actual chemical that you need, a lot of capsaicin in a short amount of time works.

i cant seem to figure out how to fix the finger cots to the bulb without rubber bands. i’ve successfully done it with bands but its so frustrating to do.

the procedure says its fixed with bands but in all the demo’s ive seen they use something else but they dont tell you what it is.

Take a large pot (bigger the better) add sea salt (like an 8th cup) and boil the fuck out of it, should be going real good. Remove from heat and put a towel over your head. Lean into it and breath in the vapors till it cools off, it will take time so crank up the ipod. If you want to get fancy toss in some cloves or other shit to give it a nice smell.

Yeah you’ll look like damn lobster and lose 20 mins of your life, but it does work. Also be prepared to hack up and snot out all sorts of junk you had in there.

My friend told me to dip a cotton swap in hydrogen peroxide and then roll that around the inside of both nostrils. Haven’t tried it, but he swears by it.

do you have any conditions or taking any other medications?

my aunt told me to do this last month but I forgot all about it, lol. What strength hydrogen Peroxide does he use?

i also take medication for acid reflux… but i’m told its most likely the cause of my sinusitis.