Blocked strings into UOH -->Genei Jin combo

hey, can someone list the moves you do after genei jin is activated to push the opponent away leading to a UOH—>Geneijin combo? i know its different for some characters and i don’t know what moves to do while genei jin is on to do it.

lol noone wants to share? tactic too valuable for all the other yun players to know? =(

St close Lp > C. Lk > UOH > Cr. Lk > F. Fierce.


St close HP > UOH > Cr. Lk. F. Fierce.

Works on all Shotos + Chun.

thanks for the info, i guess i’ll just go and try in practice mode and find out how to get in the spot for other characters :tup:

Actually that’s pretty much for all characters, but MAYBE, I’m not sure, you might need another Cr. Lk after the first one for big guys like Hugo. But not 100% sure.

cr.short, f+fierce is old school

You can ground gj more than half the cast if you land the uoh at that distance. And against the other half mine as well stick in a st.strong or two before the f+fierce for added damage on the crouching char…