Blocked Tengu Stone strings?

I’ve always been a yagyou guy, but now I’m liking the power that is tengu stone…

Thing is, I usually only use it in combos… I don’t know anything in the way of block strings.

With EX I knowh you can do UOH or sweep, and continue combo, but what about normal tengu? Just pester with,, and UOH? There are holes in there, and I’m afraid of eating random super…

So, what are some tight strings with normal tengu? Or some strings that lead into combo? The other day I managed to get a 19 hit combo with just repeated s.LKs, but I couldn’t recreate it.

your stones will probably stop the super, if someone decides the super you in the middle of the tengu. (unless you’re dealing with Gigas or raging demon etc)

i usually just go,, uoh,, towards + mp, option select low parry and repeat. not fancy or anything but works for me :tup:

Negative. I have a stupid tendency of eating random supers when performing a block string (i.e. Dudley’s SA3 or Remy’s SA2), so holes are unfortunately there and stones don’t stop the supers :frowning:

its all part of the mix up game. if you think they are going to throw a random super turn on tengu and move in and block. if they use a random super thats 1 bar + they eat command throw + whatever tengu bar you have left. Make sure that if your gonna do block strings that they are in the corner and that your always moving forward between normals. UOH and also move you forward, those are awesome to use to use as well. Tengu stone hits have some awesome priority and will usually stop most supers as they start.

Well, that’s no good is it? I too have eaten many a reversal super, so I guess I must be doing something wrong?

In any case, there is a possibility, and Oro has the ability to make the tengu really tight. A straight up nonstop combo if even. If this is a possibility, why should I settle for one with holes all over it?? and hope that my rocks cover me (It won’t always against every super) or that I GUESS correctly and block?

Get what I’m saying here?

I guess no one knows how to do it really tight?

EDIT: I have to get my ps2 back. :frowning:

non stop tengu blocked is too random, because rocks hit hella random
when you knock them down in the corner activate tengu throw some meaty rocks to bait something and step right ouf of throw range, then you won’t eat a throw when they wake up, or a dp or super since you’ll be blocking, then when you see they won’t do shit, start raping them with tengu strings.
also, some people get desperate and mash super, if you know they are going to do super, leave a small hole in which you think they’ll do the super like after x2 lk and just block for like a millisecond, if they do super, you will block it, if they try to throw, you’ll be out of throw range, and just walk up and rape with more tengu.

Risk and reward. Regular Tengu pressure has a higher risk and a higher reward, while EX Tengu pressure has a lower risk and a lower reward. Take your pick.

wouldnt ex tengu be low risk and high reward? if you catch them in the beginning then you can combo into a mp then standing roundhouses?

Basically what I’m asking is, shouldn’t we try to minimize the risk if by making it one tight combo?

Also, are the rocks really “random” as well? Can anyone give me a testable situation in which the outcome is random?

Unless it is something weird, like, the different objects hit differently or something…

I suppose the best chance you have of making an air-tight regular Tengu string is to start with meaty rocks (like off a whiffed Short) and keep a steady rhythm with close standing Shorts, walking up a pixel or two between kicks. However, the opponent may be able to parry and throw you out of those first rocks before you stick out your second attack.

Rocks are random to an extent in that some are obviously larger than others and do slightly more damage. The boulder has a larger attack box than the dinosaur and does 1 or 2 points more damage. This larger hitbox comes into play when doing the Chun/Elena/Q full stun EX Tengu combo. The whiffed Jab or Short at the beginning that causes the opponent to bounce off a single rock is easier to work with if the rock is larger, though the combo is still possible if you had something lame like 5 bricks for your EX Tengu.

Players acquainted with blocking Genei Jin and Aegis Reflector won’t fall for those setups so easily. More often than not all you’ll get is block damage.

nonstop tengu is very hard to do, if it exists at all. there will ALWAYS be small gaps in your blocked strings. slimx has a combo vid in which he does a combo with ex tengu while they are standing and he said it was EXTREMELY hard. so if it’s difficult to do nonstop barrage of 5 stones, it’s going to be impossible to do 3 stones. What jinrai said is true about people blocking ex tengu strings and not falling for overheads and such. But if you go the ex tengu blocked string route, it’s still sometimes worth it, cause it still might get in. Even japanese players don’t block aegis mix ups all the time. Personally though, I never do ex blocked strings. I don’t have the pacing skills and footsies to psych them out and land hits and I think that regular ex tengu bait games are more rewarding and psych more people out.

Hrm, yeah… I was thinking more of a pattern where you seperate the rocks. So 1 would follow your normal, then 2 follow your next, then one, etc. To try to get the rocks to cover each normal so you have time for a next one…

ahh… so they are different. Thanks. This might have something to do with it.

Well, in my first post I said I managed to get 19 hit combo on standing opponent with normal rocks. Yesterday I managed to fluke into repeated series too (they died after 4 seccesive shorts though). So I guess it is possible. When it happens, I’m just randomizing, then land lucky hit, and the combo keeps going. I just have no idea how it happenned.

In anycase, there should be an effort to at least restrict the holes, no?

I understand where you’re coming from. I managed a 32-hit regular Tengu combo with nothing but standing Short in a match once. The damage is actually not that great… it’s like a typical Seiei Enbu combo with lots of slashes.

Separating the rocks has a lot to do with getting some rocks to whiff and others to connect. You can do this by either whiffing an attack and letting a meaty rock connect as I said, or you can do it by being far enough away for one or two of the rocks to whiff because of their size or position (behind Oro as opposed to above or in front of him).