Blocking After flying



Sometimes it works. sometimes it doesnt work.

is there a way to gaurentee that i always block direcly after flying in the air. because if im high up in the air and un-fly. i have to wait till i hit the ground to block again…

plz help me :stuck_out_tongue:


put yourself in unfly mode…


i do put myself in un-fly mode… but i have to fall to the ground before i can block again…


Then, your not in unfly mode, or perhaps you did one of the actions to remove unfly mode. Read over the unfly threads and see if it helps you.


U have to be in UNFLY MODE. That means u must have gotten hit by either an assist,launcher, special, or any move that knocks your character in the air so that he flips back onto his feet when he lands will activate UnFly mode. So if anything like that happens during a match u will be in UNFLYMODE.