Blocking and pushblocking

ok so i dont really understand the block push block system seems like im always getting pinned into the corner or i cant rush in quick enough before i get slapped into another air combo and im wondering if theres a certain thing i should watch out for to know when i should and shoudnt block.

like i watch vids of top players and seems like they can block everything almost then rush in and counter no problem.

so basicly im wondering is there certain times i shjould and shouldnt block and or push block/to counter and dash in or if theres specific timing on blocking ive been playing like 2 weeks now i came upon a team i like and im looking for all the info i can gather

seems like i attack the computer it blocks and punishes me like a mother ****er and i wanna know how to do that too

i play as gambit/morrigan/cyke ps i would love to get some explination on mix ups as far as up down attacks go like low hits and high hits but what do crouch blocks block and what to regular blocks block

god this blocking system is tearing me a new ass i cant counter worth a shit

anyways thanks in advance for the help guys

I’m a scrub, but blocking and countering is all a matter of timing.

When being attacked high, block standing.
When being attacked low, block crouching.
If you are familiar with which characters have standing overheads, watch for them.
If you are familiar with which characters have fast down-forward air dashes, watch for them.
*exception: Sentinel! lol that was fun…Anyway, he can cancel his normals into fly, which provides his ability to do ‘overheads.’ Watch for it.

Pushblocking: PP
An aspect of the game given to break up an opponent’s offense/spacing. You pushblock after being attacked, but make sure you see your character is STILL in guard stun (they are still visually blocking).
*Pushblocking can be sticky when your opponent purposefully breaks up their attacks to make you THINK you will be in guard stun, when they actually gave you enough time to attack simply to beat you out.

Timing and experience. Watch for openings and launch an appropriate form of attack. This could be as simple as dashing forward and frying a grounded Cable after blocking his Hyper Viper Beam special, or as intricate as catching the minute holes in a Strider/Doom series.

Timing and experience is golden here.

thank you very much for that explination on that judge_rl that was very helpful and i see an improvment in my defence already after only 1 run through arcade mode one more small thing what is an overhead and how to i keep an eye out for it?

oh and i mostly play against my friend matt and he uses ironman megaman war machine and basicly just shoots the shit out of me how do i move in on a projectile throwing opponant?

the secret to pushblocking is pushblocking the right things.

i had trouble with strider/doom for a long while cause i kept pushblocking rocks. it’s important to time your pushblocks on the point character. sometimes you want to pushblock the first hit, sometimes it’s better to pushblock the last hit. sometimes you dont’ want to pushblock at all (i.e. a move with lag, you want to be close after you recover from blockstun). But seriously, make sure you pushblock the point character and not the projectile assist.

thanks would hk hp have more lag then say lp lk or is it all dependant on the char or on specials like gambits cajun slash or something like that does more then one move cause different lag then the other hits? or will multiple hit specials have the same lag on each different hit

thanks for the assistance you guys are more helpful then dooms rocks LOL

push blocking fierces and roundhouse tends to push people far away. whereas pushing a short doesn’t do much, cause if someone does jab short and you pushblock the jab, you still end up in blockstun from the regularly blocked short.

a general rule (not to live by, but keep in mind) is to pushblock the roundhouses and fierces. i.e. mags tri rh. this almost always forces a dash if they want to pressure (whereby you can call cyke and jump away etc.) but be careful to watch for magic series/block string. a magic series you want to push at the end. if you see short short you want to push the second short, not the first. or something like ken’s j.fp xx hurricane kick. the last hit works best.

but really it’s all situation specific and gameplay experience is the only thing that teaches you that.

thanks man nice av btw lol

An overhead would be any hit that forces you to block standing.

I guess you keep an eye out for them by working on your defensive reaction time and paying attention to your opponent. It helps to know what their character is capable of. So, try watching some videos of other players who play the same character; better yet, playing them. Again, you mentioned you only play your friend really, so I don’t know how seriously you intend to play marvel.

Also, you asked about how to get in versus your friend’s many projectile attacks. Learning is the key. This is necessary for any good fighter. Pay attention to where the projectile travels, how long it takes for it to come out, how much damage it does if it hits you, what other possible consequences could result from you eating the hit (e.g., AHVB, Proton Cannon, combo, lock-down, etc.) and weigh the risks. Simply put, be patiently aggressive. You want to take your friend out, but learn and be able to maneuver your character AROUND what’s on screen. Sometimes your assist choice will allow you to beat out your friend’s projectiles, sometimes your Hyper Combos will beat out your friend’s projectiles, and sometimes your character’s OWN projectiles will beat out your friends. I would definitely say, though, your own ability to maneuver will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Work on that.

Try reading Domination101 ( when you have a chance. It will help you sharpen your mindset when it comes to fighting games a bit. Know what you want, and be persistent in trying to get it.

Have fun playing smart.

thanks judge good advice there main thing that annoys me is megamans little blue shot his hp if i remember correctly and ironmans proton beam (i think thats what its called) the beam bothers me bad but i found just doing a jump kinetic card landing jumping while moveing twords him he eventualy gets pinned to a wall and i can move in seems to work pretty well.

same with cyke sept i jump then when he fires thinking ill land i hit my second jump and land in between shots mixing up my jumps and with my iron man i can just fly over and drop down on his head for some hilarious antics lol thanks again for the tip but i figured it out late last night playing against him i figured out howe to move around and counter his cheesy beam and fireball junk

ill go take a look at the domination 101 thread now thanks again