Blocking Dart Shot

I think the general belief is that F+HK is too fast to block on reaction. But does anyone feel like they can do it if they are looking for it? Is it even humanly possible?

If not, are they any ways to cut down your risk, rather than straight out guessing? I was thinking block low on wakeup, then immediately block high. Kinda like an option select late block. I figure this because usually an overhead won’t hit you meaty on the first frame of your wakeup, while Cr.LKs will. Meanwhile check for the Cr.HK and block it low on reaction.

Or maybe block low, then an immediate Cr.LP. You would block the Cr.LKs, otherwise you would hopefully hit him out of Dart Shot.

kinda iffy on the first strat, but the second wouldn’t really work. most low jabs are parriable high and low, and dudleys should be option selecting their dart shot, so they’ll parry your low jab, and hit you with dart shot anyway.

imo. not the official source.