Blocking opponent jump-in ==> SPD/Blk. Option Select?



So after blocking a jump-in everyone knows that if they try to combo and the link is not tight enough or try to tick throw, you can SPD, however, if their link is timed correctly and you try SPD, then you eat the rest of the combo.

My question is, is there a way to Option Select this so either you continue blocking or pull off the SPD (I realized both lose to jump so I do not think it’s a true O-S) or is this just based on prediction?


If you go for the reversal SPD, you need two frames outside of block stun to throw the opponent. If there is no gap, you will continue to block, if there are 0-1 frames between their hits, you will take damage, 2+ frames is a throw. Its not an o-s, its just a reversal, or as I call it: churning butter.


If you want an OS that does this, why even play this game if you want things to come this easily. Where’s the pride in that, just learn to block and stop being a scrub.

The absolute guard system in sf4 series is already dumb as it is.


The o-s for this is end the 360 with downback and go for ex-spd. If their link is tight, you will block; and if not, their attack will whiff and ex-spd grabs them.


iSuk at O-Ses - but thats what I was thinking, something like “block” hit 896321 then 2 punches…but it would only be good on the first/second attack unless you just spun the stick which isn’t smart anyways…though maybe you could program yourself to repeat that motion exclusively, but I still think you’d just ‘eat it’ after the first time.

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its isnt a be all end all solution tho…if you catch a good player once with this, chances are the next time the situation happens again, hes gonna bait your spd out and punish. its no different than a shoto trying to DP out of every block string. while its a good option to keep your opponent honest and let him know that loose block strings wont fly, dont get in the habit of becoming predictable with it. predictability is why mid level players lose to high level players. some times the best option is just to block :wink:


Regular SPD requires a 2 frame gap to grab. It’s not a true reversal.

EX SPD only requires one, since its invincible for 4 frames, and has better post SPD positioning.


Long time lurker, first post.

Im a hawk player and i think there is an option but it isnt airtight.

If you block the air incoming with back, then rotate to counter-clockwise SPD, it will either stay in crouching block stun if they combo the air attack, or reverse a gap.

However, they can punish with a neutral jump after the jump-in (unless air attack was too high i think…), and punish your whiff. This is how hawk works, im sure it is similar with the gief.

Im nearly positive a neutral jump always escapes even a reversal…i try not to abuse this as it sets up some evil punishments…