Blocking TAC


Hey, i was just wondering what the method is for blocking TAC’s. I play a Phoenix team and i dont really have problems building the meters but my friend is constantly doing TAC’s and my meter is gone :frowning:

now its fair enough saying its a part of the game but i understand theres only certain directions of the TAC that steal your meter, which ones are they and when am i supposed to input the direction+S to block it? I noticed that in the high level play, when people play against say Viscant or F.Champ no1 ever seems to do a TAC to try and steal the meter to stop dark Phoenix, is there a reason for this? Are these players mashing the TAC block, or do they just know when and how to counter it? if anyone could help me with this i would greatly appreciate it.


Down= Gives you meter
Side= Takes meter away from opponent
Up= More damage from that combo

If you press Special and the direction that the opponent is going to TAC, you will perform a TAC counter, which does small damage and and wall bounces them away, stopping the combo.


All Phoenix players always mash on Side Exchange/TAC to prevent people from stealing meter. You should be doing the same since meter is extremely valuable for Phoenix players.


Unless you want to yomi the fuck out of them and break out of a down exchange (just kidding, kinda)


yeah, mash to the left or right to avoid losing meter… that must be frustrating! now you can look forward to people TAC’n down to get free meter while you mash to the side!