Blocking that dirty crossup

Okay, im going to go ahead and say my defense is on point apart from this crossup where Asuka jumps over your head and sticks her arms out. Which side does that hit? Where do I block it? God I have no idea. It’s so dirty :(.

Haven’t played SFxT in forever, but I remember the move. Scars :frowning:

It can hit on either/both sides. Think like Chun and Juri’s neutral jump heavy kick.

Look at her jump arc, and you can see which side she will land on. If she lands behind you, you need to hold the other way. Sometimes it can be hard to tell though, I barely knew what side I’d land on when I tried it.

Im about to ask a really silly question in response. If her hand is on the left of your character, yet she is on the right. Am I blocking to the right or the left? I have been blocking left and right and cannot seem to figure it out.

Ask all the silly questions you want. A little embarrassment is better that not knowing.

If she jumps over you, you block in the opposite direction. If she jumps over you to the right side, you hold left. Her hand doesn’t matter.

I speak for Asuka’s everywhere when I say we’re perfectly fine with you not blocking it :3

Seriously though, just assume she’s going to cross you up every time, because it’s all 99.9997% of Asuka players do. Derp.

It crosses up very easily so assume crossup most of the time (unless you’re Jack or Hugo then lol at you)

Trust me. I’m not Jack or Hugo. That’d be hilarious. Also thanks for the information about Asuka jumping over you 99.9997% of the time. That’s some pretty precise research you got going there? :wink:

I dont think the crossup is hard to block its pretty easy to see which side shes gonna hit, i think her jmk is better for crossups just because its more ambigous

agreed actually.