Blocking tips?

Hey all!
I bought TvC a week ago and havnt stopped playing it since :smiley: (even better now that I have a joystick)
I was wondering, how do you block effectively?
I know its crouch-block for low and normal attacks and stand-block for normal and air attacks, but how do you use these most effectively?
I find it hard to block the correct attacks, and whenever I do block, the AI would just follow it up with an attack to break it.
How do you guys use it, or do you just dodge (if so, any tips on dodging would be helpful)?
Thanks all!!!

General rule for 2d games:

block low by default, watch out for overheads. Jump attacks hit overhead obviously, but other than that, most characters won’t have more than one or two overheads which are, generally speaking, slower and harder to combo off of than lows. So start by blocking low, and figure out what hits overhead.

ahhh thanks man! that helps alot! :smiley:
[oh, and i should have explained TvC is my first proper fighter]

Understandable. Another important tip when you get the hang of blocking:

Always block in the direction opposite of the opponent’s location, not the assist. It’s easy to get confused when you have an opponent on one side and the assist on the other.

^like with polimar’s drill and blade’s spin thing.