Blocking While Pressured

I am not a wonderful player… at all. However, I’m trying to do a little better, so I’ve been watching some of the replays and talking with other players. The major problem I have is that I’m ALWAYS crumbling under pressure.

The problem is, it feels like the opponent never lets up. Here’s where I start to become flustered: I have to think about blocking high and blocking low and blocking throws and looking for a reliable time to make a counter attack. Plus, it seems that once they get one hit in on me, they’re off on a 6-10 combo hit. Needless to say, after a few of these, I have lost the match.

In short, when they’re pressuring me, how do I get out of it?

You have to be patient and look for an opening, there is always an opening. No character has any inescapable pressure loops.

Against good players who play very safe and know how to pressure well, this can be very hard. Look for that opening and learn which normals beat theirs, it takes some experimenting depending on the match up.

What’s a good Ken move to break such attacks? I assume lp or lk due to their fast execution?

Hmm, A good reversal against blockstrings with Ken, I wonder what ever that is.

I’m sure that’s cool-guy talk for shoryuken? If so, I’ve tried it many times and it didn’t work out well… at least for me.

Sorry if its a dumb question, just trying to learn.

you COULD do Shoryuken. But according to you, it doesn’t work out well, and you really shouldn’t just be mashing it out cuz it’s very UNSAFE.

I just finished 3 matches where this was the case for me as well. The embarrassing part is that they weren’t even combos that were keeping me pressured, it was a hadoken into mashing lp/lk and then a shoryuken for good measure, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it.

Basically, you CAN do lp.srk to get out of the string. If they’re doing the same string over and over again with out any deviation, you should know exactly when you’ll be able to throw it out. If you’re going to just throw one out, make sure it’s fierce punch and make sure you have two meters, just in case it’s blocked so you can FADC

well Preswoodard, you could have just kept on blocking until he did that Shoryuken, then he would have been open for very big punishment. Overall, the best advice is just to block, and recognize when your opponent is completely open. With Ryu/Ken, I tend to block more just because of the random Shoryukens they give out. Once I block that, they eat a 5 hit combo from me, or even worse, my ultra.

FADC back

Go to training mode. Setup a Ryu training dummy to do knockdown, cross-up, poke-poke-poke, cross-up, poke-poke-overhead/throw. First learn to block it correctly, then try evading/beating it with neutral jump/backjump/anti-air/focus/backdash/whatever. Then once you’re comfortable with this let the dummy perform another setup. Then try it with different characters. This type of training will help you remain calm and focused.

Against the majority of the cast you want to block low and then block high in reaction to an overhead. Dudley may be the opposite. Unless you’re playing against grapplers, don’t worry so much about avoiding blocks. Try to tech them, but if you don’t it’s usually not big damage. I would suggest blocking and whatching what your opponent does. Don’t immediately try to break out. The more you rush your escape attempts the more prone you will be to being baited or counterhit with frame traps. Just ride out the pressure and try to respond when you feel it’s passed.

If you’re playing SSF4, just keep blocking low and wait until you see a reason to block high or tech. There’s no penalty for just blocking forever. Eventually they’ll do something stupid.

yeah sometimes being backed into a corner and trying to block is sometimes a pain because you can see the move coming you cancela dn then trying to block something like dudley’s super is tough i dunno

How are they getting in to pressure you in the first place? If they are jumping in, learn to anti air. If they are walking in, learn to poke better.

I know when I am in the corner on mvc2 I pay close attention to head position. If their head goes and higher than standing position you have to get out of a crouched blocking position or you will be hit. I try alot of the time to mess with peoples heads like if I have iron man and throw them into the corner I’m in. After the throw its a very simple down lk hp special for a ton of life. Also when I use iron man and I know the person is gonna come in low i just do a simple sj dash down to lk and it basically looks like he popped up a tiny bit and his foot magically appears. Because this is a sj attack even if they could react fast enough to block they’d most likely be in a crouched position in which they’d get hit anyways.
After the sj dash down low you have throw in a (lk lp)? then hit the ground for a crouching lk lp. and from that if done right you can not easily cancel the animation of the lp(I think) sj dash down to lk lk lp hold up and towards ur opponent and hp. Then repeat lk lk lp hp while holding up and towards ur opponent. Or if you really want and assist, after ur ground lk lp you can snap out for the desired assist. I’d suggest if playing mvc2 going into training mode and put the dummy as computer and select storm rouge and magneto. They’ll basically pummel you in the corner and storms normal jump triangle jumps will mess you up, so just sit back and learn.
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The majority of the time it’s after a knockdown. However, there are times I’m caught off guard by a jump-in, because I’m not the best at anti-airs. :frowning: