Blocking xups everytime?


I saw 0men telling a tip he got to block cross ups no matter what, in the ggpo chat. I still don’t ge exactly HOW it is supposed to be performed. I copy that, any idea is welcome.

<afro legends> you blocked my crossups last night pretty well
<afro legends> whats the secret
<afro legends> i cant even block it lol
<0men> lol
<0men> i was tellin damdai about it
<0men> but he wasnt payin attention
<0men> mystrey fighter told me
<0men> its standing neutral stick
<0men> it auto corrects the way
<afro legends> lol
<afro legends> if you stand, your not blocking though
<0men> Mysterious Fighter told me that
<afro legends> doesnt make sense
<0men> it tried practice mode it works from all dirrections
<afro legends> lol
<0men> only on knockdown get ups
<0men> japs know this shit
<afro legends> so when i jump over, you just let go of the stick?
<TheMakron> can you elaborate
<0men> u press up then let go
<0men> and it block it
<wolmar> wtf
<0men> it
<afro legends> lol no way
<TheMakron> when do you do it, during the getup animation?
<wolmar> you press up when u are crossed up ?
<0men> yea its a glitch that what he was sayin
<afro legends> mysterious fighter?
<0men> they know about that man
<0men> yea ask him
<afro legends> i never heard about this
<wolmar> works with every character ?
<0men> i guess
<wolmar> crazy shit
<0men> i dunno about every char
<TheMakron> how’s the timing, forgiving or no
<0men> maybe gotta do it even faster with bigger hit boxes
<0men> this old ass game has still alot more glitches
<afro legends> how come no one has ever heard about this
<afro legends> and the game is 18 years old lol
<0men> jumping up then timing the round house hits djs cr roundhouse
<TheMakron> omen, what character were you implementing this strategy with
<0men> ryu
<afro legends> when did you talk to MF
<afro legends> i havent seen him on in months
<0men> play late night man
<0men> like 4 5 am sometimes
<afro legends> he was on recently?
<0men> lil more then a week ago
<afro legends> nice
<0men> hes like daigo
<0men> maybe better
<0men> ask him for serious games
<afro legends> damn i wanna play him
<wolmar> 0men sorry man, i wanna know the exact thing to do about auto correct block on crossups
<wolmar> when your char gets up you press up then release ? or hold up to begin a jump
<0men> wolmar when djs about to do the cross up u make your char be stand neutral fast
<0men> so then the game auto correct for your char
<0men> its the way japs block djs cross ups
<0men> 10
<Kyouya> only against dj?
<0men> prob with different timing
<Kyouya> havent you trid against ken?
<0men> with cross ups in general
<Kyouya> i see


Crazy. I’m going to try this when I get home.


If it works vs Claws wall dive with Ryu, well holy shit.
Someone please examine this more closely.


lol wolmar, i also saved that chat log (and cleaned it), pretty interesting if you ask me.


lol when you say 0men I was like, that guy doesn’t know ST! He can play it quite well but this isn’t his main game. (sup 0men!)

Mysterious Fighter man…

He’s like the japanese equivalent of retired OG mike watson/John Choi.

The shoto MF combo, I still haven’t seen any top ryu players kurahashi / shooting D / sasori do it.


New tech? Looking forward to getting this figured out, and adding a section for “reversal blocking” in the Wiki =p


SF2T is not SOCD safe. Holding both directions at the same time will give ‘block both ways’.


That’s old news, and SOCDs are considered cheating. This is something different… If i’m reading this correctly, you basically have to throw your stick in the up direction on wakeup if they’re doing a meaty crossup? seems risky to perform… since you’ll be jumping if you mess up or neutral and not blocking… but it’ll be damn useful… better start practicing =)

This seems too good to be true though… gotta test test TEST


Really interesting subject and conversation to bring to light. Looks like another episode of Super Unsolved Mysteries II Turbo. I’m open-minded, but also skeptical at the same time. I don’t doubt that the Japanese know this game really well, yet yuuvega kills anybody and everybody with bullshit crossups. If the truth of this technique does hold water, I get the feeling a character’s jump startup speed will have a say in it.

afro, next time you play yuuvega you should ask him about this.


What is unclear to me is, WHAT is supposed to be done execution wise, exactly ? Pressing up ? When ? Stopping when ? blocking right after you’re standing ?
As of now, what I understood is : press up from the moment you’re on the ground, to the moment you’re getting up, then briefly release the stick until you’re standing completely and block in the opposite direction your char is now standing up. Yeah that doesn’t make a lot of sense haha. 0men if you there, please elaborate ! Or someone else, be precise like I just tried to be please.


Interesting tech. Assuming it isn’t all bullshit, I’d be surprised to know that there’s still undiscovered glitches in an almost 20-year-old game. Amazing.

I always thought you blocked front and then cross-up on wake-up depending on the timing used for the cross-up attack. It still doesn’t make sense how pressing up on wake-up will somehow block.


my theory is, again if it isn’t bullshit, probably has something to do with state changes and the prejump state… probably some overlap or strange order in the code that makes the character block rather than jump on wakeup, if timed properly.


Honestly, I believe there is some truth to this because I watched Futachan and Seki play a marathon set and Futachan blocked everyone of Seki’s crossups.

Edit: Actually, scratch that. I rewatched and Futachan got nailed by a few. My bad.


That explanation is really ambiguous, first he says press up then let go, then he says press the opposite direction… wtf? However I still don’t discredit this, because I’ve watched a lot of fei matches and his ambiguous crossup is blocked quite often in Mikado/GameSpot Versus matches… If this is true, then however you do this technique, it is probably something timing-intensive, ie. putting the stick on neutral (I assume) on the last frame, which would explain how it wouldn’t work all the time. Also, DJ or whoever can probably alter the timing of the crossup by a few frames to counter the tactic… just a theory.

I’m also interested, if this is true, how claw’s 50/50s are still practical. It really depends on how this glitch works, perhaps special moves don’t fill the criteria, ie. claw walldive, air tatsu etc. similar to exception of why supers can’t be RC’d in CVS2.


That sounds interesting but we all saw the best japanese players get hit by crossups (and it’s an important strategy in ST since the damage potential of crossups is huge) so I’m very skeptical, unless it’s an unrevealed secret (which is unlikely but not impossible).


Pretty much agree with professor jones but no harm in test this, right


Maybe could be true if this is a just frame thing (making it far harder than a normal reversal since you wouldn’t be able to piano it) or something. I don’t see how the Japanese would get hit by crossups at all otherwise.


Thats because Fei cross up is the easiest to block, especially for some characters.

Also im with Professor Jones, this is interesting but im skeptical too, like he said a lot of the best japanese players got hit by cross ups pretty often.


New shit coming from the ggpo room. Omen (here under alias daigo) doesn’t seem to joke… We gotta test that, or maybe that guy is just a sick liar I dunno :

<orf> daig0 was it you who was saying about blocking xups using some new trick?
<DAlG0> orf its not new its in every street fighter game
<DAlG0> auto correct block
<orf> can you explain to me if you aren’t trolling? :slight_smile:
<DAlG0> orf on wake up only if u know your opponent is gonna go for ambigues cross up u just hold up then neutral fast your char will block any cross up
<DAlG0> if timed right
<DAlG0> time it to how they jump
<DAlG0> thats how i block afros crossups
<orf> so you hold up as you are getting up
<DAlG0> if i know there coming
<orf> then neutral when you stand
<orf> sounds insane
<DAlG0> its ez once u practice it
<orf> how come you need to hold up?
<DAlG0> i do it so i get the timing
<DAlG0> its timing neutral really
<DAlG0> the game autp blocks
<orf> i see, so like anything into neutral would work
<DAlG0> yea
<orf> does it have to be on the exact frame?
<DAlG0> u gotta know its coming though
<DAlG0> then see it and u do it fast
<DAlG0> i use that trick in cvs2
<orf> how accurate does it have to be?
<DAlG0> it also works on there and pretty much every street fighter game maybe even vampire savior too
<DAlG0> think inputting it in that 1 frame u have
<DAlG0> it has to be in at that time
<orf> wow thats hard
<DAlG0> yea thats why u kinda gotta know there gonna do that
<DAlG0> no1 plays a2 anymore =(
<orf> thanks!
<orf> ill try it out
<DAlG0> if u get the timing good then it works everytime
<DAlG0> then dj cant even cross u up


This needs to get tested.