So i ran a search and checked a couple pages and didn’t see anything on this. Please forgive me if I missed a topic like this already.

O.K. So I love fighting games of any and every kind. But one thing that bothers me is when Block is holding the opposite direction. I FINALLY picked up this game (I was gonna do it day it came out but ran into problems with stuff), and played for a few hours. This is one of the best fighters (game play and visuals) I have played. However, the one thing holding this game back for me right now is blocking. Is there a way to change the block to an actual button? ( I don’t need LB or LT ) Are they going to consider making this an option? I don’t understand why I can change everything about the game except the way it blocks. I also see nothing holding them back from making it a button (maybe programing it to a button would make the characters sit still and the game doesn’t work that way? Dunno.)

Again if I missed the topic (or the way to change block) just let me know. Any help would be appreciated. Extra Kudos to the game for it’s awesomeness by the way ^.^ Well worth the wait.

UMvC3 OTT Back to the Norm

Because blocking is an actual mechanic. Having block be a button gets rid of left/right mixups entirely, which are a huge part of the game. You have to anticipate which side to block.

Do the tutorial on blocking mixups a couple of times, you’ll get used to it.


Please don’t take this the wrong way, cause i don’t mean it in a bad way. I don’t plan on getting used to it ^.^ It’s not an enjoyable mechanic for me. I haven’t done the tutorial so I didn’t know there are attack moves you could use with the blocking (is that what you meant?) The only game i remember hitting the opposite direction to block is DOA 2 Hardcore ( I think they had a block button I just was really good at countering so I almost never used it.)

Thank you very much for getting back to me (and very quickly too.) I wasn’t expecting a response for a couple hours at least.


Sorry dude, you’re going to have to learn how to block like the rest of us. If you don’t plan on getting used to it then find yourself another game :stuck_out_tongue:


As sad as it is to say it, that’s kinda what i plan on doing :stuck_out_tongue: What it really means is just casual play for the game which is a shame because it’s well done in general. But none of my friends and I will want to play this like we play other fighting games (Ya’know, for like 12 hours a day every day XP.)

And I don’t know if you meant it this way, but it’s not a matter of learning how to block, it’s just how it’s done. You are giving up mobility (in my mind) when you make move and block the same button (a taboo to put two commands in the same button but that’s another story all together.) Other games have a blocking system like this, an example is Mugen.


He meant that it’s actually deliberate design choice. You really should know where attacks coming from to block them successfully. There is that thing in 2D fighters called cross-ups when opponent is jumping on you with attack which hits below him. So if he’s on the left and you’re on the right he can jump towards you and either attack you from the front or wait till his character cross you over and then attack (while still in the air) technically from behind. In first case you need to hold right direction to block successfully but in second you need to hold left. So when he’s jumping at you it’s hard to say whether he’s going to attack from left or right actually making you guessing. But if block has it’s own button (MK games) those cross-up situations won’t posses any danger since holding block button would protect you from both possibilities. That’s why there’s no way to reassign block from directions. Cross-ups are legit mechanic in SG puted in intentionally and taken into account in balancing.


Oh thank you for that explanation Not so Saint. However, I have to ask why you couldn’t make the block still directional based, but you have to hold another button to get the block off? This isn’t how it works in Soul Calibur but I will give this example. When playing against people who flank or jump (Taki ftw?) you have to stop kinda flick the stick to turn around and hit the block button again to get it off. So those could be two solutions right there. I feel as though my friends and I are in the minority for wanting block to be it’s own thing, so it’s not like we are going to take it to heart if it’s not set up that way.

Again I appreciate the explanation ^.^.


Not sure what problem you’re trying to solve here. Do you want to move forward and be able to quickly block at the same time? O_o


This type of block is a core part of how games like streetfighter or marvel work. In terms of balance, it makes blocking have the disadvantage of backing you into the corner. In terms of mixups it adds the left/right, other games have their own mixups, this is one of the ones in Skullgirls. I don’t know for sure, but you might find ‘hitbox’ style arcade controllers useful, since the directions are all buttons, you might be able to hold the back button down, but you will still have to release it to be able to move.

If you like the game’s other stuff, learning to use this style of block command isn’t too bad. When you jump, you can hold back immediately and it will keep your forward momentum. If you dash forward you can hold back immediately without loding the forward momentum. When you’re holding back, or down back you can throw out normals without releasing it. In general if the opponent is on the ground their hits will be mid or low, so crouch blocking is best, if they’re in the air their attacks are mid or high, so stand blocking is best.


Honestly, as much as I hate to turn a player away from Skullgirls, sounds like VF5FS would be the game for you. The only 2D fighter I know that uses a block button is Mortal Kombat, and I’ve yet to really play that but correct me if I’m wrong it doesn’t have crossups. Games like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Marvel vs Capcom, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Melty Blood all use the directional blocking mechanic. It’s an intentional design decision to allow crossup mixups, and to make applying pressure unsafe (if you are in my face attacking me, why should you be able to block while you do that?)

Have you ever even played a 2D fighter before?

Edit: Don’t take that last sentence as an insult. I’m legitimately asking, non-sarcastically.


No I don’t want to move forward for blocking, I don’t want to move anywhere when blocking. I look at it as a defensive measure. I understand the balancing part of it But against good players the blocking can be a pain in the butt. Around my area (New England); not sure about other places, but the people i play if you give any range and they are playing ranged characters you just handed them the match. I know what some of you might be thinking “What a noob” But honestly I know some people already in this game who can use the little 20’s character and just chain you in the corner if the right moves are used. Knockback + high/ low constant ranged abilities being tossed out is kinda obnoxious to try and avoid damage with. I just feel like blocking is the worst thing i can do. I exclusively play valentine right now by the way, maybe my problem? I can Super Mario 3 and use her teleport to get that distance back, but it’s a frustrating match to say the least.


Ofcourse I have played 2D fighters before ^.^ I am back from the NES days. Were the older games like Mortal Kombat direction to block? If so I don’t remember them and I feel silly x.x


MK is pretty much the only 2d fighter (that I know of) to use button blocking. And IMO blocking with a button is kind of silly in a 2D fighter.

And try picking up an anchor. Teams are so much better in this game than solos.


MK, as far as I can remember at this moment, is the only 2D fighting game series that has ever used a button to block. It is pretty universal that 2D fighting games use back to block.

And blocking is SUPPOSED to be a pain in the butt, it’s very reactive and predictive.Though, for the record, you could do just down+back for block and that’ll cover around 90% of an opponent’s ground options.


Yea that’s a good idea. I will give that a try. Parasol was gonna be my next. Maybe she will help provide that range I need for certain fights.

And i hope none of you are taking this the wrong way. I am playing on the higher (if not highest depending on how awake I am) difficulty) But as good as the AI is in this game, it will never compare to a player. It’s just kinda my way of letting people know I am good (not fantastic, unstoppable.) but good at fighters.

I know it’s supposed to be a pain in the butt, but you are usually punished for blocking if you do it wrong. An example is Soul Calibur. If you were not just blocking it generally got you in trouble. At least in my experience.

P.S. Part of the blocking and not moving thing I like is a mind play. Blocking for even a moment generally sends opponents to use counters to defense and then you can quickly switch up to an offensive attack. Just another of my two cents. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me. But against players on equal fighting skill with you sometimes you just need to psych them out.


You do that exact same “mindplay” by just holding down+back. >_>


Oh i tried to edit my post, you are quick :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not the same mind play. There is nothing to show that you are blocking, other then stepping back, which isn’t as impactful in my opinion. I feel backing up is more like an invitation more then a safety measure. I could; however, just be completely crazy and a complete noob :P.

My only experience with fighters in tournaments in actual out of state fighting games is SC2 and Super Smash (counts right? :stuck_out_tongue: ). Most other fighters are Local friends and Tournies. We are probably not very good around here though :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know how well players do around here out of state cause i don’t keep track honestly.


Okay, when you are holding down + back, you are crouch blocking. You are automatically in a crouch-blocking state, and the opponent is entirely aware of this. Down + back is essentially block on everything but overheads and aerials. Even when you’re just walking backwards, you’re in a block state if the opponent attacks you, and he knows this.

EDIT: Okay, so you’re from Smash. Think of it crouch-block as a weaker shield. I mean, you can still grab straight out of shield, right? Just because you’re shielding doesn’t mean you don’t have attack options available. The same thing with crouch-block. Opponents view it as something like a shield state that you can attack straight out of.


I see what you are saying. I understand the concept. I am just saying that it’s not as big of an impact around here at least. Not to mention, to me you are giving up footing and time. But it’s not the big of a deal man ^.^. I mainly just wanted to know if there was gonna be a way to change it. I got my answer and appreciate everyone’s comments. I will stick to meh noobish games ^.~.


See, I don’t understand what you mean by “giving up footing and time.” Do you mean you’re giving up space? Because you don’t move when you’re holding crouch+back, you’re crouching.