Blockstings and Command Grab Priority? AE 2012


So the way I understand it if you do a command grab through a blockstring with a 1 frame gap then both the grab and attack will become active on the same frame. What has priority: normals (or ‘non-grab’ specials) or command grabs? And is there any difference between regular grabs and command grabs concerning priority?

You also encounter this scenario on wake-up. If you do a ‘reversal’ 3 frame jab on wake-up and your opponent grabs you on the 3rd frame (2 frames grab invincibility after wake-up) then both attacks become active on the same frame.

I guess the question has more practical applications towards blockstrings and whether or not it is safe to use a 1-frame gap blockstring on a grappler. Still I’d like to fully understand the base mechanics at work.


I suggest you not duplicate multiple threads with the same title and content, across a variety of sub-sections. It’s bad mojo.

I’ll help answer your question on the thread you posted in the SF4 section.


When it comes to things hitting at the same time,

invincible-startup attacks (shoryuken) > command grabs > regular grabs > normal attacks

If there is ANY gap where your opponent is free to act, it’s not called a “blockstring” per se. A gap as small as 1 frame certainly doesn’t allow the opponent to do basically anything unless it has invincible properties, and very small gaps like that are called “frame traps”. The reason why Zangief can mash out an EX-Piledriver to beat your frame trap is because it is briefly invincible to hits (if it wasn’t youd be hitting him out of it with a 1-frame trap). I believe if you throw him on the first frame he is up, you will beat his EX.Piledriver because it’s not invincible to throws while its starting up. If you tried to grab him out of the Piledriver and touched him the same time he touched you, he would win.


I guess this is why eltrouble advised against posting across threads, haha. So according to that order of priority Zangief could just use his regular SPD inbetween a 1 frame gap attack string. Is that order of priority always the case or is it better to take it as a general rule of thumb?


That’s one reason. Another being that some people tend to flood a variety of sub-sections with the same topic, which is an awesome way to piss off mods and the community.