Maybe it’s online lag, but dang this game feels like hit has some of vsav’s blockstop (bs forces a certain block height and keeps it there).
I’ll block a j hk from ken and he can go low for pretty much free (note: online). I don’t have this problem in ST or other Sf’s, is it an engine thing, lag, not being used to weird fighter 4 or a combination?

Man this game is making me salty.

EDIT: tested it and no. it’s probably online play being a (insert cuss of choice here.)

yeah just lag.

its also weird how sometimes you know you timed an AA correctly, but you end up eating it because you wanted to utilize the inv frames and input as late as possible

or try walk forward blocking against sagat throwing tiger shots and doing random knees

the list goes on

You’ll eat lows after jump-in attacks if you’re trying to tech throw attempts while standing though, so many people do this online lol.