Blockstrings and frame traps

i hear a lot about blockstrings, so id like everyone who knows to post akuma’s blockstrings in here and ill edit this as they come in. same goes for frametraps

It varies a lot. For me personally:

c.lp, c.lp, c.lp, walk,


or, c.lp,, c.lp

Are your true strings.

Frame traps and their effectiveness varies depending on the tendency of your opponent to press buttons, focus, dash or mash like a retard. Though generally you want to put opponents in block stun leaving you with enough advantage so you can re-position yourself to stuff out whatever they try next (by way of normals).

e.g., c.lp or <wait*>

  • You need to fill this void with a sufficient amount of space to allow your opponent to complete their block stun and then actually press a button. The idea is that while they are doing this, you are advantageously positioned and with ample frame advantage to snuff out whatever button they press (if they press one) or punish whatever you permit to actually whiff.

Of course you can replace the final with an EX tatsu, a DP or even a sneaky grab that snatches a crouching tech’s (or a stand tech’s recovery) failure into a whiffed crouching lk. Whiff punishes can come into play if people feel the need to respond from block stun with something heavier, such as a or even that whiffs while you’re intentionally out of range allowing you to punish if you’re snappy enough for a for example.

Hell, you’d be surprised what kind of mileage you can get from a button pressing happy opponent by just pressing,, walk forward briefly, >