Everyone talks about combos, and I feel I have my go to combos now for every situation/punish.

But my blockstrings are basically the combo, and it stops when I hitconfirm its not working. I just wondered if I know my opponent is going to block, what are good blockstrings/frame traps.

I usually do cr.jab, st.strong, cr.strong. fwd.strong, cr.short > and then into overhead, dashup grab, another fwd.strong etc


I think you have the wrong idea of what blockstrings are. A blockstring is a chain of attacks that leaves no room for a reversal in between, meaning you’re completely safe from mashing. That’s why you see daigo do stuff like x4 or kazunoko do, cr.lp, cr.lp,, etc.

That weird string you listed isn’t a blockstring at all, there are several gaps in it, it’s just a string of attacks put together.

In this game, most blockstrings come only from lights, since they’re chainnable (stuff like cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp or,, but it can also be done with other normals that have enough frame advantage on block. In the case of cody, since his isn’t chainable, your best bet is something like cr.lp, cr.lp, or cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp. Also is +4 on block, meaning a perfectly timed cr.lp or a will be a true blockstring.


  • cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp(
  •, cr.lp,


Ah ok thanks, yeah I didn’t mean blockstring I guess, I meant a series of attacks with holes on purpose for to catch mashing lights. I guess frametraps? Although the meaning of that phrase has changed so much since 3D games haha


frametrap means quite the same thing since forever. :slight_smile:


Here is my list of every combo i feel is relevent and some basic frame traps to catch mashing and teching, the ones that are larger than 3 frames are for delated techs/people with slow normals but you get the idea

If anyone sees any they think are dumb/can be improved let me know as im only a couple weeks into cody. And how do you add spoilers this is obscenely long.

Note: i filled in the trap data at 4am after like 3 hours of combing through other stuff so double check it for accuracy but they are efficient traps nontheless.

Crouching Jab Combos
[166 / 307] (0) c.lp c.lp, xx fierce criminal
c.LP -> c.LP or c.LK: 2 frame trap this combo has natural frame traps

Frame trap
c.lp, c. lp, c. lp -> Stomach blow, cr lk, [5 frame, 2 frame ]
on block: Overhead [they must crouch the cr lk]

[179/ 250][172/285] (0) c.lp c.lp , xx MK Ruffian Kick or LK Ruffian

Frame trap [good frame trap vs pokers/crouch techers]
c. lp c.MP -> c.MP -> 4 frame trap
on block if standing: crack kick, c. mp, overhead
on block if crouching: Overhead

Cr short/Jab/Strong Combos [Counter poke normal buffers – use in wiff range for CH]

[180/270]/[150/150]c.lp xx fierce criminal/MK Ruffian [Buffer]
[190/200] /[180/250] xx MK Ruffian/LK ruffian [Buffer]
[180/270] c. lk xx Fierce CU [Great wiff punisher]

**Standing Strong Combos **[Easiest to land off a jump in or meaty]
Cody’s standing strong has the most frame advantage on hit or block of all of his moves and does good damage

[298 / 476] (0), c.fp xx fierce criminal - 1 frame link

Frame Trap
cl.MP ->c.fP: 3 frame trap.
This is one of Cody’s strongest frame traps for the damage potential by cancelling the c.HP into EX Bad Stone you can link into combos, including Last Dread Dust. This is also the best frame trap to use against crouch tech and or 4 frame or higher reversals

F+MP Combos [Best meatie combos]

[208/326] F+mp, Cr lk, Fierce CU [for when hitting a far f. mp that’s out of other normal range]

[322 / 514] (0) f+mp,, c.fp xx fierce CU [two 1 frame links, counterhit lowers by 1]
Self-contained 5 and 3 frame trap

Frame Trap
Stomach blow, c mp [3-4 frame ranged dependent]

Standing Fierce Combos
[260 / 420] (0) cl.fp xx fierce criminal

Frame Trap
Cl FP -> c. lp [3 frame trap]

Jump In Combos [Ruffian FADC can be replaced w/ criminal upper, J.RH with J. FP]
[354 / 620] (2) j.rh/, cl. MP, c. FP xx Fierce CU[1 frame – can be done with mk]
cl.MP, c. FHP: 3 frame trap: auto frame trap in above combo

**Netutral Jump Combos **[Make sure to hit deep to minimize pushback]
[348/576] Neutral Jump FP, cl FP, Criminal upper [easy – no tight frame trap]
Cl FP -> c. FP [6 frame trap]

[382/614]Neutral Jump FP, cl. MP, CR FP, Criminal upper [1 frame link]
cl.MP, c. FHP: 3 frame trap: auto frame trap in above combo


Holy snap, someone is godlike. I just did frame traps never thought of them on paper. Well done.


The gap between two c.MPs on block is 4 frames. I’m assuming you meant cl.MP -> c.MP which is 1 frame?


thanks must have mispelled it and sorted it to the wrong space. fixing