Blodia Vulcan property question



Coming from someone who doesn’t play Jin…

I tried Morrigan’s Vector Drain on a Jin that was just starting the Blodia Vulcan. I whiffed, knew I was toast, and did a Soul Fist so that Morrigan would at least go down fighting. For some reason, I regained block at the end of my Soul Fist - during the middle of the Blodia Vulcan. (Which then set up Darkness Illusion on Jin recovery, but that’s not the point.)

Question is: is there a hit pattern to Blodia Vulcan, or is it random? I’m perplexed WTF I could block, especially when I should have been hit in move recovery.

(I particularly appreciate how if Jin’s Blodia Punch hits the assist first, the point character can’t block the Blodia Punch. That’s evil.)


well I have come to the conclusion that the blodia vulcan is like a shock wave that first moves slowly across th screen and than moves back.It is in no way random. another cool thing about it (specialy against cable/storm) if you see them start to super jump over you, bust out blodia vulcan it will hit them in the back and even if they do block it as it goes out, on its way back its impossible to block.


once, it came down to a 1v1 close game of my Jin vs a Cable…

and we both did our supers at the same time, i did a Vulcan and he did a HVB…

i though i had it made…but cable was just shooting there!!

so when my super ended i got hit and lost…



As long as the opponent is shooting the bullets/vulcans itself, they will never get touched and since Blodia Vulcan ends very early if you don’t catch anyone, it’s easy to get caught on the recovery time. It really shouldn’t be that way, but oh well.


The Blodia Vulcan shows some weird properties sometimes it catches someone while super jumping while sometimes it won’t…why can’t it just catch people while super jumping:bluu:


I don’t understand what you mean. Are talking about when you catch an opponent blocking while super jumping, then all of a sudden, their guard is “broken”? If so, that’s just so random thing that the CPU does.

However, if you’re talking about the Blodia Vulcan cross-up glitch, it should work everytime as long as you time it right.


That’s the one I’m talking about…