BlodiaVulcan5's Mysterious Absence

I got ahold of BV5, and he said this:

so I thought I’d post it here for everyone who’s a fan of his, so we can all look forward to his return in January.

Here’s to you, Blodia!


^^^fuckn fanboi…

i kid’, i kid’!..:wonder:

i 3s Jews:lovin:

…for reals?

What? You parry them and cr. mk XX SA2? You bastard! What did Jews do to you?

BV5’s jewish too?

And yes, I’m a BV5 fanboi for life.

On my top #20 taggers list, he’s numbers 1-20.


they stole my pay checks.

bah. you guys stole so much from us first.

Slavery? Yeah, we beat you to that.

Incarceration? Way before your time.

Hell, even the word “Ghetto” was a jewish word before it was a black one.


RN, how’d you get a trophy next to your name

in the arcade.


cough aLee’s b-day december 27th cough cough quiche better post on that day cough

oh, there was something i ment to ask you.
your a fan of star wars, right, so have you effer been put in a position where you had to use…

“Teh Swartz”?

Hey aLee…you and I have the same birthday? WTF? You better get me something nice.

Shatta - I’m proud to say I’m the only one I know who’s never sat through a star wars movie.

…but yeah, I use it from time to time when some goy gives me tsurris.


Eclipse is one of the only IMM old-school greats still around. :frowning: