Blog: SRK equals DoA now?

Not trying to be a dick, but I just noticed that shoryuken seems to be seriosuly attempting to become a Dead or Alive, or at least an XBox focused website with this blog.

I don’t know. It seems a little Big Brotherish to me, especially considering that the majority of the forums and members are still talking mainly about Capcom games and tourneys such as Evo or Ecc.

That’s just what I had to say. Am I making too much of a deal out of this or the DoA focus does a little to bother other members as well?

It’s the only new fighting game that is decent. It also has a great online set up.
I’m glad SRK is talking about it. There’s nothing going on at all in the Capcom fighting world.

^ Huh? T5:DR and all the Sammy and SNK fighters I know nothing about aren’t decent?

Yup. Most definitely the only new fighting game out that’s decent. That is, if you’re high on drugs.

DOA4 is still scruby, still miles behind tekken or VF in depth and the doa forums are mostly comprised of people talking about which doa girl they’d like to fuck the most.

So if scrub n porn is ur thing, get it. Serious fighting game fans need not apply

Got your head packed up your ass rather tight, don’t you?

WHO THE FUCK CARES? That isn’t even what this topic is about.

If you want to talk about Tekken, go to TZ. No one compared DOA to any game, so why bring it up? I know of two DOA(doalive, doac) websites, both I don’t frequent, but I don’t think they talk about having sex with their favorite characters.

I don’t know of any new SNK games, sorry. I know Sammy has FONS, but that game isn’t even available over here. It looks dumb anyways.

There are few old SNK games they have been ported with online play, but none of them can compare to the online mode of DOA. I don’t care how “scrubby” DOA is. I don’t even own DOA4, but I know two things. It’s fun, and it’s great online.

There are no capcom news, and there is no arcade scene. We got a bunch of old games, and they are not fun to play anymore.

I’m pretty sure if DOA was instead, some SNK game or any other game for that matter(with the same great online set up), that was decent–SRK Blog would address it.

I’ll repeat for your sake
’DOA4 is still scruby, still miles behind tekken or VF in depth’

why is it called a blog, its not a blog.

A blog goes like this

‘this morning I got up had breakfast and then had a gigantic shit. I was so proud of it I took a picture to show you all’

whats on the front page is opinons masquerading themselves as an apparent blog. Blog it ain’t


Um, from what I’ve been hearing DOA4 is actually pretty good. I’ve played it myself, and it seems a hell of a lot more solid than the previous installments. Solid enough for SRK to actually give a damn about it.

Again I ask, who cares?

with the lack of new SF games I can only think people have either lowered their standards or are so desperate to play any old shit that they’ve started to suck of itadaki and his little porno excuse for a fighter. It a sad day for us all, this is surely the beginning of the end for the fighter game scene. The scrubs have taken over!

VF > Tekken > DOA. That’s a general rule, but lately, I haven’t been feeling Tekken at all. The scene gets big real fast and then dies real fast.

Actually, DOA is a scrub’s version of VF.

This just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

I didn’t meant to point that SRK is giving a damn about it, but instead that SRK talks only about it. All the game specific posts are about DoA, except from one about some new game (posted today). It seems like SRK is trying to scare Capcom fans away on their main page. I also don’t think the blog should be srk’s main page as well. Well, let’s see where this goes…

It’s just there because it’s a new game on US console, so everyone can play it, unlike HnK or DR which only a very limited number of people can play. A lot of the blog is going to be about what’s currently going on, and DOA4 is what’s currently going on.

Here that kids? DOA4 is currently the talk of the majority of the fighting fanbase. Whether or not you like DOA is FUCKING IRRELEVANT to what’s being talked about. It’s still what’s currently “in”.

See, these are the type of arguments that hold us, the fighting game community, back. Knowing that the scene is pretty much struggling to stay alive with whatever games that are currently being played, there will always be ppl that don’t like certain fighters and are quick to criticize the game. No wonder the scene here in the US feels like it’s dying.

Now, i’m not a DOA fan by any means, as i only casually enjoy the series, but i think that we should at least be greatful for the fact that it is the “in” thing now and the Xbox online scene is thriving on it.

Sure, DOA isn’t the most respectable fighter…heck, i think it’s scrubby also. However-- we can’t be too critical on it…i mean, honestly, this popularity shit won’t last and yall know it. DOA4 will get it’s shine on until SF2 Turbo hits Xbox Live Arcade…so just let that game get it’s glory for now.

OK…so what i’m trying to say is, just be respectful for the fact that it’s there…creating/reintroducing a community to the world of fighting games once again. I mean, it doesn’t hurt the community.

Just because it’s in doesn’t mean you have to automatically dick-ride and like it.
I’m just gonna respect the fact that it’s the current mainstream fighter and let it help the scene out a bit.

That’s my 2 cents.