Blogging about the fgc

argh how do I delete threads?

there’s been an unfortunate change in topic for this project :
Sorry for wasting your time, guys.

Interesting, you might find this interesting it is from a sociology student from UCLA studying the Street Fighter scene. Though not exactly related you should be able to find some help with his methodology.

Since this is a school project I suggest to you for now focus on what was assigned to you.

Get in touch with Sydney players over at

Base your blog about the group there, if for personal reasons you want to branch out go for it but remember this blog originated from a school project. Good luck.

Thanks Kara !

I believe I mentioned that despite the limitation of “Sydney, Australia” I wanted to try and challenge that with the fact that with internet and international events (most notable being EVO in Las Vegas) it really shouldn’t be cornered into a geographic location. I mean, I will have a look at OZH, naturally, but it’s very much worthwhile and still relevant to what I’m trying to do to also see what the greater community is like since it does pretty much affect Sydneysiders.
Also, I think one of the finer points of the fgc is basically how global it can be. I mean I’ve seen guys from Sydney who become bffl with guys in Auckland and fly over there just to meet them, etc etc. It really isn’t an isolated case, y’know?

lol i was about to post my paper, only to find someone has beat me to it hahah i’m flattered kara.

@honeypugo, hope you find something useful in my paper, hit me up if you ever wanna discuss anything about the community! its a topic i’ve spent a lot of time on haha