Abusement Park presents BLOODBATH&BEYOND.


  • Sunday, September 5th
  • 13626 Veterans Memorial Dr. 77014
  • 281-397-8511
  • $10 Venue


  • 3v3 (Pokemon Format)
  • $30/team
  • 2:00 PM


  • 2v2 (Waseda Format)
  • $14/team
  • 4:00 PM


  • 2v2 (Waseda Format)
  • $14/team
  • 6:00 PM


  • Pots = $100 + Entrance Fees (Split 70/20/10)
  • All teams must consist of unique characters.
  • You can not change your character during the tournament.
  • All matches are 2/3.
  • All tournaments are Double Elimination.
  • SSF4 will be run on XBOX360, Blaz and T6 on PS3.

We will also be selling Team Abusement Park T-Shirts for $10. :woot:


I hope gamerbee shows up!

hmmm. gonna need a ssf4 team for this one -_-

Ask around…
Monster’s Arcade runs casuals on Tuesdays.
Midnight Comics runs casuals on Wednesdays.
Planet Zero has weekly tournaments on Thursdays.

I’m sure there’s a lot of people that will need a partner. :slight_smile:

You can also just show up that day and hope for the best. (Probably wouldn’t recommend that though.)

Oooo I should attend… OneThreeFour, your name sounds familiar, have we played each other on PSN before? What console will this be in? Pokemon? Can someone please explain!? >_<

Uh… maybe? I’ve been around the Houston scene for a while now.

It’ll be on both ps3 and 360.

Pokemon is just a nickname for the way 3v3 is ran. If team 123 plays ABC… 1 plays A first. If A loses, then B goes against 1. The last team with someone alive wins. (Same way pokemon battles are played.)

I never cared for Pokemon… Would it be alright if I could catch a few matches with you some time?

Sure… I’m always at PZ on Thursdays, like I posted above there’s a couple places holding weekly casuals.

I’m there. Might need a team.

might as well call it kof style…

reach what character you play? you come out to the weeklies at midnights and monsters?

im gonna be there…probably. ugh.

i still need a team:nunchuck:

well madoc i might need one too, idk ill see what happens though.

i need a team !!

2 weeks left to find teams!

Single or double elimination? It looks like I’ll be able to make it to this one, but it’s tentative right now.

Double elim… I’ll update the rules. Thanks, Paul ^___~

This is on a Sunday? How odd :o

Originally it was the 4th, but then I found out Jan is hosting a singles tournament that day… so we decided to make it the sunday to have a full weekend event thing.

Singles Saturday/Teams Sunday

Plus Monday is a national holiday!!