BLOODBATH&BEYOND II - Houston, TX 12/18 @monsters arcade RESULTS

THX to everyone who came out! We all had fun, casuals were great, tournament ran on time, stream went well so i am very happy.

Ill edit it a bit latter cause im sure these names are misspelled but im a little hungover and i got some cleaning to do.

Super Street Fighter 4:

2: SHATTERED DREAMS (madoc, hadouken, rubiks)
3: WHIFF PUNISH W/ ULTRA (andre, tony, joe)
4: SPEAKERS GO BAMMER BAMMER (jewelman, fadora, phelps)
5: ABUSEMENT PARK (134, [’_’], ex-jermaine)
5: RANDOM (house, carbocation, lemonhonda)
7: DIRTY MIKE & THE BOYS (jan, ronal, rose kid)
7: WONDER TRIPLETS (sierge, enigmatic, mr. fantastic)
9: GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! (Live) (mr muggles, jojo, andre)
9: SHADOLOO (wolfwood0, bagels, reach)
9: REJECTS (ren, nytemare raven, kei)
9: SMEGMA (machete, evilgoose, pent)
13: BUSHINTATSU BOMB (shannon, assanchop, stone)
13: BAD BOY BILL (josh suavion jmc)
13: COLUMN 6 (b4ng, teamrocket, ironknight)
13: ARTHUR LOOKS LIKE SANTA CLAUSE (slayer alex, winchester, prique)
17: READY (ill777will, crow, omar)
17: SKEET SKEET (spin, panda, isaac)
17: WON’T WORK IN MARVEL 3 (mcnasty, ray, matt)

Lmao funny ass names for some Teams.

best match up ever

Adding on to what Brian said… thanks to everyone who came out and added to the hype! I had a great time, hopefully you all did as well. If you weren’t there, or if you want to rewatch the action, the stream is saved on Monsters Arcade on

really good tournament!

Good Tourney once again :tup:
Had lots of fun!! till next time.

grats to arthur rudy and findmyfarms

wish LA could have made it out there

jewels…aka danny mcbride lol

ggs to yall i played (i was the black guy playing Blanka)

omgggggg that was hella fun.

ATX represent

I had fun, thanks for running the tourney.

I wanted to see this but I had a match at the exact same time.

i’m not pleased with how i performed so i will come out more often and get revenge

try to imagine a staring contest…only the staring contest got more hype then this match

Bloodbath & Beyond 2 video

So, hella LTTP, but excellent tourney! Good seeing everyone again, and definitely different when you’re sober LOL. Will be at the next one!